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The Kiwi Wealth Super Scheme is designed for retirement savings. There are three membership sections: employer, personal and legacy.

The personal section is open to all individuals and the employer section is open to employees of companies we have a participation agreement with. The legacy section is closed to new members.

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Our Scheme

The Kiwi Wealth Super Scheme is a registered superannuation scheme designed for retirement savings. Membership is open to individuals and to employees of organisations that have a participation agreement with the Kiwi Wealth Super Scheme.

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Investment options

We offer three investment funds - Conservative, Balanced and Growth. You can choose one, or a combination of these investment funds, to suit your timeframe, goals and attitude to risk. 

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We publish regular fund updates full of info about each of our investment funds, their performance and what they invest in. You can also see which benchmarks we use to measure our performance against.

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