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How we invest

By looking at how investment providers perform in a financial crisis event, you can get some good indicators as to whether their strategy is a good one. Our track record gives us confidence that our strategy is one of sound judgement and our collective performance proves that. Take a deeper look at how we invest and manage your money, or if you’re not interested in the technical details, check out an overview of how we invest here.

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Our purpose and guiding vision

We strive at all times to be a top-tier, investment management company, known for delivering superior investment outcomes – at an affordable cost to New Zealand investors.

We undertake to treat clients fairly and equally and to act in clients' best interests."Are we doing the best by our clients?" is the acid test for everything we do.

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Our investment approach – total risk and return

We seek to create risk-efficient total portfolios utilising a wide practical set of investment activities. We focus on building dynamic portfolios that are globally focused, liquid, transparent and diversified with objectives of long-term capital protection, capital growth, and cost efficiency.

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Risk management

Making sure you understand the risks involved with any investment and how they are managed is critical to a successful investment strategy. When weighing up the risks of a managed portfolio, there are two key considerations - the risks associated with the investment manager and the risks associated with the investments themselves. 

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Kiwi Wealth investing policies

Kiwi Wealth, as the investment manager of the Kiwi Wealth Private Portfolio Service, Kiwi Wealth KiwiSaver Scheme and Kiwi Wealth Super Scheme adheres to a set of internal policies to ensure that we act responsibly and fairly when investing customers’ money.

These policies cover: responsible investing, trade execution and allocation, related party transactions and conflicts of interest.

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