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Private Portfolio Service

Our service includes active investment management, comprehensive client reporting with a focus on transparency and tailored investment advice. An Authorised Financial Adviser provides a review of your current investment situation to assess whether the Kiwi Wealth Private Portfolio Service will suit your needs. We structure a portfolio for you to suit your financial goals and risk tolerance, with different allocations across our fixed interest and growth investment strategies.

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Our service

As a Kiwi Wealth Private Portfolio Service client, you have access to a team of experts, made up of advisers, investment managers and dedicated administrators.

There is always someone available to answer your questions and discuss your ideas. 


What we offer

The Kiwi Wealth Private Portfolio Service provides professional management of your investments and detailed reporting.

We have a long track record of careful wealth management.

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Take a look at our long-term performance, or drill down into returns year by year.

We update our returns annually so clients can judge the consistency of our performance.

However, don’t forget the cliché – past performance is not necessarily an indicator of future performance, especially in the shorter term.


Become a client

There are three steps to becoming a client of the Private Portfolio Service.

It all starts with a free review of your financial situation - your current investments, your age and investment timeframe, income requirements, and tolerance for volatility. 

Why not start the review process today?

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