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Introducing Kiwi Wealth

October 25, 2012


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You may have noticed the words “Kiwi Wealth” appearing on the website for the Gareth Morgan KiwiSaver Scheme (GMK), and also in our communications if you’re a GMK member.

So what is Kiwi Wealth and why have we added it? Well, earlier this year Gareth Morgan KiwiSaver Limited was purchased by Kiwi Wealth Management Limited (also known as Kiwi Wealth), which is owned by Kiwi Group Holdings Limited. Kiwi Group Holdings Limited also owns Kiwibank Limited. 

Adding the words Kiwi Wealth is an up-front way of acknowledging this change, and it cuts a long story short! 

Also, on Tuesday 16 October 2012 Kiwibank became a distributor of the Gareth Morgan KiwiSaver Scheme. This means you can now join GMK through your local Kiwibank, as well as through our website or by contacting us directly.

If you’ve just joined GMK through Kiwibank, welcome aboard!

Note Kiwi Wealth has only been added to the GMK website and GMK communications – you won’t notice any change if you’re a GMI private portfolio client or a member of the GMI Superannuation Scheme.


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