Your KiwiSaver account could make a big difference to your retirement lifestyle

Many Kiwis are sailing towards retirement, unaware that the lifestyle that their KiwiSaver investment could get them might not be the lifestyle they want. Whether retirement is years away or just around the corner, don't just set and forget your KiwiSaver account - small changes today could make a difference for the ‘future you.’ Make sure you're with a KiwiSaver provider that helps you take control of your KiwiSaver investment.


Investment services

We're focused on creating better financial futures for Kiwis by helping people get informed about how they can grow their wealth.
If you’re looking to protect and grow your wealth, we have a range of solutions to suit different needs. We manage assets for private investors, KiwiSaver members and superannuation members.


Private Portfolio Service

Our service includes active investment management, comprehensive client reporting with a focus on transparency and tailored investment advice. 

An Authorised Financial Adviser provides a review of your current investment situation to assess whether the Private Portfolio Service will suit your needs.

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Transfer to the Kiwi Wealth KiwiSaver Scheme

We are 100% Kiwi owned with an in-house investment strategy team. Your investment decisions will not be outsourced.

Make adjustments to your investment in your own time using our helpful, secure online customer-only tools.

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