Who can opt-out of KiwiSaver?

If you are a new employee who has been automatically enrolled into KiwiSaver, you can apply to opt out after 13 days but before 8 weeks, from the day you start your job.

You can only opt out when a new employer has enrolled you into a KiwiSaver scheme. If you are not already enrolled, a new employer is obliged to enrol you when you start working for them.

You are not able to opt out if you joined KiwiSaver through a previous employer, chose to opt in to KiwiSaver through your existing employer or joined KiwiSaver by signing up directly with a Scheme provider.

Note: Even if you are intending to opt out, many employers are required to automatically enrol their eligible employees into a KiwiSaver scheme, so KiwiSaver deductions will be taken from your pay. After 13 days, but before 8 weeks, from starting your job you can apply to opt out and have these deductions refunded to you.