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What if I don’t know who my Australian super provider is?

If you worked in Australia, and your superannuation provider hasn’t been able to contact you since you moved back to New Zealand, there is a good chance your savings have been added to the ‘lost’ accounts of their system. The Australian Tax Office estimated that it has about AUD$16 billion in these lost accounts. Also, if you had more than one job in Australia, you may have several superannuation accounts – potentially getting whittled away by fees if their balances are low.

You can check how to find your lost accounts on the Australian Tax Office website. You will need your Australian Tax File Number to search (if you can’t locate this, download the Searching For Lost Super form).

If you have more than one superannuation account in Australia you may be able to ‘rollover’ your accounts into one consolidated account now to minimise fees or to prepare for transferring these funds to your KiwiSaver account.