What happens if I can’t opt-out of KiwiSaver?

If you can’t opt-out of KiwiSaver because you do not meet the criteria above, at least find out where your KiwiSaver contributions are being invested!

There are many people contributing to KiwiSaver who have no idea who is looking after their money, and many KiwiSaver providers don’t have the current contact details for some of their members.

This is your hard-earned money, so it is important to know what is happening with it, where it is being invested, what fees are being charged, and what returns you are getting. If you don’t know who your provider is you could:

  1. Call Inland Revenue on 0800 549 472 and ask who your KiwiSaver provider is.
  2. Join the Kiwi Wealth KiwiSaver Scheme and we will find your money for you.