How do I opt-out of KiwiSaver?

You can ask your employer for a New employee opt-out request (KS10) form which once completed they will send to the Inland Revenue. Alternatively, you can complete the Inland Revenue online opt-out request and Inland Revenue will then let your employer know you have opted out. Any contributions you have made to KiwiSaver will be refunded back to you. Remember you must do this before the end of your 8th week of employment.

What happens if I’m late opting out?

The Inland Revenue may accept late opt-outs at their discretion if there were events outside your control which prevented you from submitting an opt-out form in time, or if any of the following apply:

  • You didn’t receive an information pack from your employer within the first 7 days of starting your new employment.
  • You didn’t receive an investment statement or product disclosure statement (as applicable) for the default KiwiSaver Scheme you were allocated to or the employer's chosen KiwiSaver Scheme.
  • You were automatically enrolled when you shouldn’t have been.

If you are outside the 8 week opt-out period, you must send the new employee opt-out request form directly to Inland Revenue. Inland Revenue will consider opt-out applications up to three months after the day they received your first employee contributions.

If your opt-out application isn’t accepted, Inland Revenue will consider your application as a request for a Savings Suspension. If you are eligible for a Savings Suspension Inland Revenue will notify you and your employer so you won’t continue paying employee contributions from your salary/wages. In this circumstance you will not be refunded any employee contributions that have already been made.