How do I change a direct debit?

In order for us to change your direct debit we require a written request outlining what you wish to change or cancel.

You must inform us of any changes you wish to make to your direct debit. We require you to provide written instructions to outlining the changes you wish to make.

Suspending your direct debit

It is possible to pause your direct debit. All you need to do is let us know the date you wish to stop your direct debit and the date at which you would like to re-start your voluntary contributions, or if you don't know when you'll be starting your contributions again you can simply pause it until further notice. When suspending your direct debit the authority is retained so it's easy to start again once you do feel ready to continue contributing.

Cancelling your direct debit

If you cancel your direct debit this will remove any authority and stop contributions as soon as we have processed your request.

Bank account changes

Depending on what's changed you may be able to simply update your direct debit details. If your account suffix (the last two or three digits e.g. -00 or -001) is the only part of your details which have changed, you can simply contact us and provide us the updated suffix.

If you have a new bank account, you will first need to cancel your existing direct debit and then set up a new direct debit using your preferred method.

Processing direct debits

Voluntary contributions from direct debits can sometimes take a number of working days to process. This can sometimes impact your eligibility for KiwiSaver incentives such as Government contributions. Due to weekends we recommend setting up monthly direct debits to be paid on at least the 26th of the month.