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Here’s how to get your first home AND retire with ...

35,000 Kiwis a year use KiwiSaver to get into their first home. Our three-step plan will h...

3 key things Hatch has taught us about Kiwi invest...

Since September Kiwis have invested more than $2 million through Hatch

Hatch passes $1 million in investments

Kiwi Wealth’s new digital platform exceeds investment expectations; lowers FX fees in resp...

Is investing just gambling? Busting the myths

Kiwis fork out millions on the racetrack every year and rarely see any returns. Is investi...

What’s going on with the markets? A month of red

Dip in your balance? Senior Economist John Carran’s thoughts on the recent downturn.

Here’s how being with Kiwi Wealth means you are in...

Being responsible means influencing companies not just excluding them

On Teachers' Day, here's how to pass on great mone...

5 ways to help your kids be money-savvy.

The market has dropped. Here’s what NOT to do

Protecting your investment may be simpler than you think.

Surprising things rugby can teach us about money

Here's how the ups and downs of New Zealand's favourite sport can help us to understand fi...

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