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Invest in your interests

January 28, 2020

Kristen Lunman

Written by Kristen Lunman

Kristen is General Manager of Hatch - a digital investment platform that gives New Zealanders access to the US share markets. Powered by Kiwi Wealth, Hatch provides easy, affordable, and reliable access into the largest, most liquid share markets in the world.

Hatch GM Kristen Lunman shares some ideas on investing in what matters to you.

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1. Learn how to invest in your interests

Everything we do, from how we spend our time to how we spend our money, is a reflection of who we are as people.

You might be an entrepreneur, a corporate high-flyer, or choose to work flexible hours. You might spend your spare time cheering your kids from the sidelines, swiping on Tinder, mountain biking in the hills, or gardening. No two of us is the same, but every single one of us has hobbies, interests and caffeine addictions that make us who we are.

2. So why doesn’t your investment portfolio?

Fear of investing in the share markets is as Kiwi as beach cricket. We’re internationally renowned for being hard workers, and yet we’re among the worst in the world at putting our money to work for us. We work hard to build a better life for ourselves and our families, only to take our hard-earned money and stash it in the modern-day equivalent of a mattress. And there are a lot of good reasons why we don’t invest it: we’re not sure how to start, we’re scared of losing everything, we don’t think we know enough, it’s boring, or we don’t want to be greedy.

3. It’s time to discover the magic of building a share portfolio that reflects who you are.

Buying shares means that you own a slice of the companies and industries that align with the things you care about. Whether you’re a fashion fanatic, a craft beer aficionado, or a technophile - what you do with your can reflect your interests in the same way your lifestyle does.

4. With Hatch, investing in your passions is easy (and fun).

Anyone with a smartphone or computer can get started within minutes. You don’t need a lot of money, you don’t need a finance degree, and you don’t need to devote hours of your life to it.

We’ll even get you started with our free, 10 day, step by step guide to investing. We walk you through everything you need to know before you buy your first shares on the US share markets. No jargon, no pressure, no boring finance stuff. We’ll even throw in a bit of humour to keep life interesting. In just 10 minutes a day, we’ll bust investing myths and re-define what investing in shares means. We’ll give you the confidence to set you up with a portfolio that reflects you and what you care about.

Best of all, the course is free and there are no strings attached. So, go on, take a look.  

Whether you want to invest in brands you know and love, pioneering industries that are shaping our future, or in companies that reflect your values, like clean energy, gender diversity, or social impact, in 2020, it’s time to build your wealth a better way.




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