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Hatch passes $10 million in investments

March 17, 2019


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Hatch, Kiwi Wealth’s new digital investing platform giving Kiwis direct access to the United States share markets, has passed $10 million in investments since launching in September.

Hatch general manager Kristen Lunman said growth in investments had exceeded expectations.

“In just over five months we’ve gone well beyond the targets we’d set ourselves. It’s proof that investors want an easy, intuitive and cost-effective way to trade shares in the biggest market and the biggest companies in the world, without the higher costs of traditional brokerages.”

While Hatch investors were generally skewed younger, with around two-thirds under the age of 40, there was a wide range in the amounts individual investors were trading.

“We’ve got investors whose balances are less than $1000 right the way through to six-figure sums,” Lunman said.

“What’s really interesting is the level of engagement across the board regardless of the amounts being invested. Most are highly engaged, regularly monitoring their portfolios and making frequent investments.”

As well as providing direct access to US-listed exchange-traded funds and US companies, Hatch recently added access to international companies listed on US exchanges as American Depositary Receipts (ADRs), meaning Kiwis could invest in publicly-traded companies from 35 countries, including China, Japan, Germany and the United Kingdom.

“We’re continually developing and improving the platform, as well as identifying new market opportunities and working directly with investors to assess what they want from Hatch,” Lunman says.

“By working with best-in-class industry providers, we’re able to offer more investment opportunities and more financial services to make all New Zealanders better off.”

Hatch is available to New Zealand investors at www.hatchinvest.nz.

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