Privacy statement

For the purpose of this Privacy statement:

  • Kiwi Wealth, we, us or our means, either collectively or individually, any of the following:
    • Kiwi Wealth Investments Limited Partnership
    • Kiwi Wealth Limited
    • Kiwi Investment Management Limited
    • Portfolio Custodial Nominees Limited
    • Kiwi Wealth Management Limited.
  • Fisher Funds means Fisher Funds Management Limited, the owner of Kiwi Wealth Management Limited.

This statement applies to the products and services that are offered by Kiwi Wealth. It applies to any person who interacts with us in relation to our products and services – through the Website or otherwise, and whether or not you become a Kiwi Wealth customer.

When you use our services, you agree that we may collect, use, store, and share your personal information as we’ve described in this statement. Any of our products or services you use may have additional privacy terms, which you will be advised of and agree to when you sign up for that product or service.

We want you to understand what personal information we collect and store about you when you interact with us, what we will do with that information, and who we might share that information with.

That’s what this statement covers.

We may need to change this statement from time to time, but the latest version will always be available on our website. We will usually give at least 14 days’ notice to customers impacted by any changes to this statement but may not be able to for urgent changes we need to make to protect security or meet law changes. Your continued use of our products, services, websites and tools after the end of the notice period will be treated as your acceptance of the updated statement.

New Zealand privacy law sets out the rules we must follow in collecting, storing, using and sharing any personal information you give us. When we say ‘New Zealand privacy law’, we mean the law in New Zealand that covers personal information that’s in force at the time that you use our services. This includes codes of conduct issued by the Privacy Commissioner that apply to our services to you.

Information we collect and how we use it

Type of personal information collected When we collect this information Why we collect this information
Your name, address, and contact details (including e-mail address) When you sign up for our products or services, request financial advice, or when you otherwise provide it to us (such as through the contact forms on our website or via the chat bot), when you are referred to us, when you start an application or enquire about our products or services To identify you, for us and Fisher Funds to communicate with you, and provide you with information relevant to your needs and our, and Fisher Funds, products and services and to administer our and Fisher Funds products and services to you.
Your bank account details When you sign up to use our products or services To identify where and who we're receiving payments from, and to make payments to you
Your tax details, including your IRD number, prescribed investor rate (PIR), resident withholding tax (RWT) rate, and any international tax details When you sign up to use our products or services To comply with our tax obligations under the Automatic Exchange of Information
Your identity information, such as your NZ passport or proof of address When you sign up to use our products or services To comply with our obligations under the Anti-Money Laundering and Countering Financing of Terrorism Act 2009.
Transaction details (such as your choice of investment fund) and other account and financial information (including salary, investment expectations, or occupation) When you make a transaction using our products or services, obtain financial advice from us, or sign up for some of our products or services To provide and personalise our services to you, assist our software to function, and comply with legal obligations such as those under the Anti-Money Laundering and Countering of Financing of Terrorism Act 2009
Information relating to your use of our websites, including device information (such as IP address), activity and pages visited When you use our websites To provide and personalise our services to you, and assist our software to function, and identify where you joined our website from. Learn more about our use of Website analytics tools.
Information about your financial goals, assets, liabilities, risk tolerance, and your general financial situation When you request financial advice from us, engage with us about, or sign up to use our products or services To enable us to best provide the service or information about our products and services to you
Gender When you sign up to use or engage with us about some of our products or services To use in statistical reporting, as required for regulatory purposes
Date of birth or age When you sign up to use some of our products or services To identify you, administer our products and provide services to you (such as retirement projections)
Your voice/image When we record our interactions with you, having notified you of the recording in advance (such as when you call us, seek advice from us, or participate in research for us To use in research, training, record keeping and audit purposes, to ensure accuracy and quality of advice and information and to improve our service and services
Any personal information we need to collect about you so we and Fisher Funds can deliver our products and services, including the above The circumstances described above, and otherwise during your interaction with us To use for the purposes set out in Other uses of information, and as otherwise set out in our Privacy statement
Any personal information provided to us When you start applying for or enquire about our products or services or are referred to us To follow up with you so we can assist with your enquiries or completion of your applications to join our products or services and will be retained until such time as our assistance is no longer needed.

What happens if I don't provide the requested information?

If you do not provide the information we request, we may not be able to provide products or services to you or answer your questions. If you're unsure what information is important and how sharing it might affect you, please feel free to contact us. To have a business relationship with you, you will need to provide us with your name, address, contact details, IRD number, identity information, and date of birth. Other information we may collect is required for some products and services, but not others.

Other uses for your information

We only use your information in the ways described in this statement, or in ways approved by New Zealand law. We may also use your personal information to:

  • provide, evaluate and improve our service, products, and services
  • contact or market to you using social media
  • contact you regarding incomplete or partial application for products or services
  • protect and enforce our rights as part of our relationship with you
  • comply with applicable laws or legal rules
  • conduct market research, data processing, and statistical analysis
  • let you know about offers, accounts, products, and services that might be of interest to you, including from Fisher Funds, selected business partners, and Kiwibank Limited who markets our products. If you would prefer not to receive this information, you can contact us.

We may also have to provide information to a government agency in relation to your tax status to comply with our legal obligations.

If we need to use your information for another purpose associated with a particular product or service, and which isn't directly related to one of the purposes listed above and which you haven't otherwise authorised us to use your information for, we will contact you to obtain your consent before using your information for that purpose.

Who we collect information from

While we will usually gather information from you directly, sometimes we may collect information about you in other ways. If you were referred by or signed up for one of our products or services through Kiwibank Limited, Kiwibank Limited will share your information with us. We will only collect information using these methods if we reasonably believe it's necessary to do so, beneficial to you, or you have authorised us to do so.

We may also collect information about other people from you if you provide that information to us (such as while obtaining financial advice or joint retirement projections). If you do provide us with someone's personal information, you must make sure you have the authority to do so that the person knows that their information may be used by us in the circumstances set out in this statement.

By agreeing to use our products, services, or tools, you authorise us to collect information about you from any other person who can provide us with information that relates to a purpose listed above and is necessary for that purpose. We may make enquiries about any information that you provide to us in order to check the accuracy of the information. This may include providing the information to agencies engaged by us to verify your identity or address information. This includes Verifi Identity Services Limited, known as Cloudcheck.

Sharing your information

You agree that we can share your personal information with:

  • any person in New Zealand that provides services to or for us or Fisher Funds, and who needs it to assist us with the purposes listed above
  • any person overseas that provides services to or for us or Fisher Funds. We will only engage an overseas person to provide services to us in relation to personal information if we are comfortable they will protect that information in a way that is comparable to NZ privacy law. If we cannot get that comfort, we need to get your authorisation before sharing any of your information with that person
  • Fisher Funds, who may also store, use and disclose it in accordance with this statement or its own statement
  • Kiwibank Limited if you are a Kiwibank Limited customer or were referred to us by Kiwibank, so Kiwibank Limited can display your Kiwi Wealth KiwiSaver Scheme account details on its internet banking and mobile application for you and also undertake analysis of and make improvements to its referral programme. Kiwibank Limited will store, use and disclose any information in accordance with its own privacy statement. 
  • debt collection agencies if you owe us money
  • agencies engaged by us to verify customer identity or address information,
  • organisations conducting market research, data processing and statistical analysis for us
  • our assignees or potential assignees
  • law enforcement authorities, the courts, government agencies, regulatory authorities or third parties, both in New Zealand and overseas, where we are required to or we believe the disclosure will assist us to comply with any law or legal rules or will assist in the investigation, detection and/or prevention of fraud, money laundering or other criminal offences
  • anyone that we need to contact to carry out your instructions to us (including the recipient of any payment)
  • anyone you authorise us to disclose that information to
  • anyone, when it will be used in a way that can’t identify you, for statistical or research purposes when it won’t be published in a way that could identify you and in other limited circumstances permitted by New Zealand privacy law.

Your rights of access to and correction of information

We take reasonable precautions to ensure that the information we hold about you is accurate, though this depends on your telling us about any changes that may mean the information we hold about you is no longer correct (such as your name, address, or phone number). You may ask us for access to the information we hold about you and, if necessary, request corrections to it. Under New Zealand privacy law, we may charge you for this.

If we are not prepared to make the change you seek, you are entitled to ask us to attach a statement of correction to the relevant personal information.

If you would like access to the information we hold about you, please contact us.

Storing your personal information

We may store your information in either physical (documentary) or electronic form, and we may contract a third party to store it (either in New Zealand or overseas).

Third parties which hold your information may be subject to laws or legal rules which require them to disclose your information. If they are based overseas that may include overseas laws and rules. Under New Zealand privacy law we are still responsible for the safekeeping of your personal information and we take the security of it seriously, so we make sure that anyone we contract to hold information for us takes care to protect it from unauthorised disclosure, loss, or misuse and is subject to appropriate privacy laws or complies with other privacy safeguards (such as encryption).

Under New Zealand privacy law, we may only retain your personal information for as long as it may be lawfully used. Even if you have stopped using our products and services, or your engagement with us about our products and services has stopped, we will usually have legal obligations to retain your information for a period of time. If you would like us to delete your information, please contact us.

Name and address of organisations collecting and holding your personal information

Kiwi Wealth Investments Limited Partnership, Kiwi Wealth Limited, Kiwi Investment Management Limited and Portfolio Custodial Nominees Limited collect and hold your personal information. The head office for each of these organisations is Level 13, 20 Ballance Street, Wellington and you can find our contact details on our website(s).

Kiwibank Limited when marketing or making referrals to our products and services may collect information for us. Their head office is at Level 8, 20 Customhouse Quay, Wellington and you can find their contact information on their website.

CCTV cameras in our offices

We may also use CCTV cameras to record footage at our offices for security and safety purposes. Recorded footage may constitute personal information under the Privacy Act 2020. The footage will be used to detect and deter criminal behaviour in our workplace. Signage advising of such equipment will give notice of the areas covered.

If you are recorded by our cameras, you have the right to access that footage so long as it relates to you and is reasonably accessible. CCTV footage will usually be retained for a period of 30 days, after which time it will usually be deleted.