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We're not like other superannuation schemes

Kiwi owned and operated


New Zealand


We are 100% Kiwi owned and operated, with a New Zealand-based team dedicated to looking after your investments.

In-house investment team


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Our in-house investment team has extensive experience and a strong track record in managing global and local investments.

Global investment strategy




We are an active global investor. Our global investment strategy offers you greater access to markets, sectors and industries. 





You can go online at any time and see exactly where your money’s invested – right down to the last cent.


What we offer

We offer three investment funds for you to choose from: Conservative, Balanced and Growth. You choose to invest in one - or a combination - of these investment funds, to suit your investment timeframe, goals and attitude to risk.

Our Responsible Investing Policy is applied to all of our investment funds. Find out more.

How it works

The Kiwi Wealth Super Scheme has three different membership sections. The Scheme's rules are slightly different depending on which section you are a member of.

The three different sections are:

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