How it works

When you join the Private Portfolio Service, a dedicated adviser will discuss your financial situation and goals with you to help choose the right investment mandate for you. Your adviser will set up an investment portfolio designed specifically for you. 

If you want to see how your portfolio is performing, our comprehensive online reporting shows where your money is invested, the performance of each investment, tax reporting, and monthly commentary on your investments and the markets. For any other questions, your adviser is just a phone call or an e-mail away.

How we invest

Our investment philosophies inform every decision we make.

We believe in long-term market returns

As a fund manager, we believe that global capital markets are largely effective in allocating capital and generally ensure a stable relationship between risk and return over time. As a result of this risk/return relationship, a range of systematic long-term returns can be expected in the form of various risk premia.

Successful investing therefore includes exposure to these various sources of risk and return over the long term.

We believe in targeted active management

As a fund manager, we believe that there are targeted opportunities to add value through active management.

Risk premiums are time-varying, which is evident in predictable changes in fundamental valuation, value mean reversion, momentum (trends), and clustering of risk.

Markets can be segmented by various barriers to free capital flow. This creates relative value and security selection opportunities.

Price discovery for individual securities is somewhat predictable. For example, the micro themes that drive security valuations develop over time, with individual investments showing relative momentum and mean reversion.

We believe in managing total investment risk

We define investment risk as the possibility of a permanent loss of economic capital – the purchasing power of money.

We believe that investors experience this risk in two ways: the probability of loss, as well as the variance of returns. We manage both of these risk dimensions by:

  • using a risk-budgeting approach and diversifying across multiple sources of risk and return
  • managing total asset portfolio risk rather than focusing solely on benchmark centric tracking error
  • favouring liquid and transparent investments so that the underlying sources of risk and return are clear and that we’re able to exit investments at reasonable prices, in times of stress.