Our fees

Know what you're paying

There is one annual fee that applies for each of our Managed Funds. There are also some ‘Other costs’ that flow through to our funds which we’ve estimated in the table below (don’t worry – we don’t expect they’ll vary too much from the estimate).

Unlike some other providers, we don’t charge performance fees on top of the return your investment makes, so you get to keep more of your returns.

*Percentage of net asset value per annum of each fund. The ‘Other costs’ are an estimate of third-party charges relating to other funds our funds invest in.
Fund Annual management fee* Other costs (estimate)* Total estimated annual fund charges*
Conservative 0.70% 0.01% 0.71%
Balanced 0.80% 0.05% 0.85%
Growth 0.90% 0.07% 0.98%

For more information on our fees, read the Kiwi Wealth Managed Fund Product Disclosure Statement on our Managed Funds key documents page.

Transaction costs

The spread rates are currently set to zero for all funds.

What you get with us

Choosing the right fund for your investment goals and timeframe should be about more than fees.