Fund performance

This table shows the returns for each of our KiwiSaver funds, after fees and before taxes, to 30 April 2022

This table shows how much each fund has gained or lost over time. Every month, we report the returns after fees and before tax of each of our funds.

It's important to remember that past performance is no indication of future performance.

This information is not audited and may be updated.

The return since inception is the return since the start date of the fund, after fees and before taxes. The start date for the Conservative, Balanced, and Growth funds was 1 October 2007. The start date for the CashPlus fund was 1 June 2012 and the start date for the Cash fund, was 12 September 2012. The Default Conservative fund's start date was 1 July 2014, and it was named the Default fund prior to 1 December 2021. The start date for the Default fund was 1 December 2021. We will add performance figures for the Default fund to this table once that information is available.

Fund Cash CashPlus Default Conservative Conservative Default Balanced Growth
1 month 0.10% -0.69% -1.66%



-3.54% -4.22%
3 months 0.23% -1.60% -3.49% -4.99% -6.29%  -5.70% -6.25%
12 months 0.64% -3.30% -3.55% -5.92%   -3.69% -1.68%
2 years (p.a.) 0.78% -1.68% 1.20% 1.32%   6.69% 11.53%
3 years (p.a.) 1.18% -0.01% 2.16% 2.47%   5.49% 7.99%
5 years (p.a.) 1.78% 1.16% 3.32% 3.50%   6.20% 8.51%
10 years (p.a.)       4.68%   7.65% 10.25%
Since inception (p.a.) 2.57% 2.32% 4.00% 4.84%   6.05% 6.60%

Fund performance against benchmark

To make it easier for you to judge whether or not we're adding value, we compare the performance of our funds against a benchmark.

KiwiSaver benchmarks

This graph compares each fund's performance with our relevant benchmark, after fees and tax at the highest prescribed investor rate.

Please note: Due to technical issues, the performance information for the Default Conservative fund is incorrectly labeled as the Default fund. We're working quickly to resolve this and to add performance information for our Default fund. Thank you for your patience.

The actual asset allocation of each fund may differ from the asset allocation for the relevant benchmark from time to time. This is because we have an active investment management style for most of our funds. You can find the actual asset allocation for each fund in our fund updates.

  • Past performance is no indicator of future performance. In other words, the best performing KiwiSaver scheme this year may not be the best performing KiwiSaver scheme next year.
  • The value of your investment (including returns) can decrease as well as increase.
  • No one guarantees the return of capital or income from the Kiwi Wealth KiwiSaver Scheme or any Kiwi Wealth KiwiSaver Scheme fund.