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Why Kiwi Wealth?

We are dedicated to investing – whether it's for the Kiwi Wealth Private Portfolio Service, Kiwi Wealth KiwiSaver Scheme, or Kiwi Wealth Super Scheme. 

We are committed to what we're good at – protecting and enhancing your wealth.

Six reasons to choose Kiwi Wealth to manage your Portfolio:


1. Clients come first

At Kiwi Wealth putting clients first is in our DNA. Whether it’s our commitment to our fiduciary duty or our focus on delivering an outstanding customer experience, we put clients first.

 2. We are good at investments

Kiwi Wealth has an in-house investment team with a strong track record in delivering solid investment performance with a focus on preserving capital.

 3. Our advisers talk sense

Our advisers will respect you and your individual investment situation. You can expect straightforward, no nonsense answers to your questions and a willingness to go the extra mile to help you understand and implement the right investment solution for you.

 4. Our transparent reporting

You will receive regular reports that show the individual securities you own, portfolio performance and commentary on investment strategy and market developments.

 5. Our governance is strong

Kiwi Wealth takes governance seriously with its strong board of directors and Investment Governance Committee. Find out more.

 6. Our commitment to responsible investing

Our in-house investment management team consider environmental, social and governance issues when analysing and making decisions about investments. Find out more.

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