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How it works

Your financial situation and goals are discussed and will inform the type of Investment Allocation that is set up for you.

Depending on the Investment Allocation you choose for your Portfolio, your Portfolio could include a mix of our Growth strategy (i.e. shares) and our Fixed Interest strategy.

The Kiwi Wealth Private Portfolio Service offers you:

  • Your own diversified Portfolio of local and global investments carefully selected by our in-house investment team.
  • An adviser team you can call anytime who will provide personalised investment advice and answer your questions in a clear and transparent manner.
  • Comprehensive online reporting that shows where your money is invested, the performance of your investments, tax reporting and monthly commentary on your Portfolio and markets.

How we invest

Kiwi Wealth's Investment Management Team takes a researched, strategic approach to investing your money. Find out more about how we invest.

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