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Explore how each of our investment funds are performing with our up-to-date and comprehensive performance section.

Fund updates and disclosure statements

Take a closer look at each of our investment funds with our disclosure statements and fund updates, published quarterly and annually.

Published in a standard format by every KiwiSaver provider, these reports allow you to more easily compare how our investment funds stack up against those of other providers.

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Monthly returns

Check out the regular, monthly returns for each of our investment funds. We show returns after all fees, costs and charges have been deducted but before taxes.

Chart how each of our investment funds has performed, since inception, compared to a benchmark - a standard against which the performance of our funds can be measured.


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We use a range of different benchmarks to measure our performance against, depending on the type of investment fund.

Find out more about the benchmarks we use to measure our performance agianst, and why we use them.


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