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The Money Chat
Weekend Life Money with Carly Flynn and Joe Bishop

Most of us never received financial education. But not having a business degree doesn’t have to be a barrier to taking control of our money.

Join us each month as RadioLIVE’s Carly Flynn chats with Kiwi Wealth’s Joe Bishop (General Manager of Customer, Product and Innovation) to help cut through finance jargon and demystify investing.


Episode four: using your KiwiSaver investment to get into your first home

In December, Joe and Carly talked about how you can use your KiwiSaver investment to help you into your first home, including tips to help you get prepared


How to use KiwiSaver to buy your first home

Listen to Joe and Carly chat about how to use your KiwiSaver investment to help you get into your first home.

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5 stages of buying a home with KiwiSaver

Confused by how to use your KiwiSaver investment to get your first home? This guide explains from checking eligibility to getting back on track once you’re in your home.

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Here’s how to get your first home AND retire with your KiwiSaver investment

35,000 Kiwis a year use KiwiSaver to get into their first home. Our three-step plan will help you achieve this goal while also helping you to not jeopardise your retirement.

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Episode three: KiwiSaver and Responsible investment

In November, Joe and Carly discussed the ins and outs of responsible investment. At Kiwi Wealth, we believe in investing in companies that meet environmental, social and governance criteria, without compromising returns. You can find out a little more about our take on this complex topic below.


How your KiwiSaver investment can reflect your personal values

Listen to Joe and Carly chat about responsible investment and what this means for Kiwi investors.

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Being responsible means influencing companies not just excluding them

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Responsible investing in an imperfect world with Kiwi Wealth's Simon O'Grady

Episode two: Why you should care about your KiwiSaver investment fund

In October, Joe and Carly made sense of KiwiSaver investment funds – conservative, growth, balanced – and discussed how more than 400,000 Kiwis are doing themselves a disservice by staying in “default”. 


Why you should care about your KiwiSaver investment fund

Find out how understanding KiwiSaver investment funds, and making an active choice, can make a big difference to your KiwiSaver investment.

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Understanding investment risk

The type of investment you choose should match your timeframe for investing and your personal tolerance for risk. Find out more about your options and how to assess what’s right for you.


Risk profiler

Choosing the right investment fund is about balancing your attitude to risk with how much time you have left until you can make withdrawals from your KiwiSaver account. 

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Episode one: Weathering financial storms

In September Joe and Carly discussed getting prepared for life’s financial storms, and what we can be doing to be ready in the event of a big market crash.


What an unexpected market crash means for Kiwis

As the end of money week wraps up, Joe Bishop discusses everything from money challenges to KiwiSaver with Carly Flynn on Weekend Life.

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Surviving a bear attack: here’s how to prepare for a market downturn

Trade wars, the falling Lira, Brexit, North vs South Korea, Donald Trump’s besieged presidency. Is it the end of our bull run? Find out what to do if the markets head south.

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5 practical ways to weather any financial storms

Practical tips from experts to prepare your finances against unexpected disasters

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Not sure how to set up your future? You’re not alone

We recently polled Kiwis:


didn't feel prepared for life after 65


don't know how to make their KiwiSaver account work for them


admit they put things off


think they will still be working after 65

The truth about retirement – and how to prepare

Carly chats frankly with Kaye, who turns 65 next year, and her husband Danny who has been retired for three years.


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