Staying local

Thanks to a global pandemic international travel has been off the radar for some time. While there is no certainty when it’s going to be possible to travel the world again you can still dream, plan and save for that special overseas trip. Whether it’s one or five years away investing is great way to help grow your money and make your dreams a reality.

Here’s three overseas trips we reckon are worth saving for.

The family reunion

Got family or friends overseas you’d love to spend time with in the future? Now’s the time to put a stake in the ground and plan where, when and most importantly how. Maybe it’s a beach getaway in Noosa or a road trip in Europe. Seeing each other for the first time after a long-time apart will be well worth all the planning and saving.

The big OE

It’s never too late to see the world and some adventures are worth waiting for. The big OE seems to be one of them. It’s even become a bit of a Kiwi tradition. Whether you plan to take time off completely and travel around or combine work and travel you’ll need money to make it happen. Are you planning to backpack your way around or travel in style? Is Europe or Asia your destination? Make sure you’ve got enough to fit with your plans and expectations.

Retirement celebration

Will retirement be a life changing event for you? You might be stepping away from your career or finally buying back time after years spent looking after family? What better way to kick it off a major lifestyle change with a big adventure like an overseas trip. If you’ve never travelled before now’s the time to nail that bucket list – half the fun is in the planning. Or you might be reconnecting with people and places you visited in your youth. Whatever your reason an overseas trip is a great way to celebrate retirement.

Something else?

Feel free to create your own reason.

We’ve given three good reasons to go overseas. What’s your pick?

No matter what overseas trip you have in mind – you’ll need some money to get you there. We think investing with our Managed Funds is a great way to start as long-term, managed funds usually generate greater returns than term deposits.

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