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Investment Services

If you’re considering us as your investment manager, you’ve made a good first decision! We’re a cool little company built around a unique approach to investing and we’ve carved out a niche for ourselves in the industry. If you’re looking to protect and grow your wealth, we have a range of solutions to suit different needs. We manage assets for private investors, KiwiSaver members and Superannuation members.

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Why us

With more than $4 billion under management and a long track record in successful investment management, there are a few reasons our customers stick around.

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How we invest

We’re a bit different in New Zealand in that we focus on global markets – as opposed to other New Zealand-based managers who focus more locally - because we believe global investing benefits our clients. New Zealanders tend to have most of their wealth invested locally already – through their homes and jobs - so there are clear liquidity and diversification benefits to investing with a global view.


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Meet our Investment Management Team


Simon O'Grady
Chief Investment Officer



Susan Easton
Head of Investment Strategy


Steffan Berridge
Quantitative Strategist

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