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The Growth strategy includes an allocation to Satellite global shares which consists of 40-60 mid-large cap shares selected by our team.  

An active security selection approach is used for this strategy, which is based on our belief that a company’s earnings ability is often cheaply priced at the early stages of an upgrade cycle, or when temporary setbacks (such as a period of bad weather) interrupt a long-term growth trend.

Identifying these opportunities can deliver out-performance, even if share markets are largely efficient.

As a result, we believe the key to effective stock selection is not through analysing existing financial data and building complex spreadsheets (where information is known and priced in), but through detecting underlying earnings trends in the context of shifting industry dynamics, consumer preferences, seasonal factors, and trends in the economy. 

Given the importance of timing in capturing these opportunities, the portfolio is continuously scrutinised and adjusted to account for share price movements and changes in earnings drivers.

Strategy objective

To deliver superior, risk-adjusted returns through a portfolio of 40-60 high-quality international shares/securities.

Return objective

To deliver returns higher than the global share markets over the medium-term (rolling 3 years) after fees and tax.

Risk characteristics

Standard deviation and drawdown risk, similar to the global share markets.

Measured by

Benchmarked against the MSCI All Country World Index, partially hedged to the New Zealand dollar.

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