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A diversified and liquid global growth strategy focused on capturing a range of risk premia/beta, and adding value through active management. Key activities include:

  • Capturing global risk premia efficiently across all asset classes.
  • Satellite global shares.
  • Active security selection.
  • Rotating countries, sectors, and currencies based on relative valuations and fundamental differences.
  • Using low correlation, systematic and alternative strategies to complement the return and risk characteristics of our portfolios.
  • Managing tail risks and preserving capital through tactical asset and currency strategies.

Strategy objective

To provide an efficient and diversified, higher risk portfolio that seeks higher returns.

Return objective

To deliver superior returns than the global share market over the medium term (rolling 3 years), after fees and tax.

Risk characteristics

Annual standard deviation and drawdown similar to the global share market.


Benchmarked against the MSCI All Country World Index, partially hedged to the New Zealand dollar.


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