What are my KiwiSaver options if I am over 60?

You can join KiwiSaver any time. It doesn’t matter if you are retired already, not employed or on a benefit. If you are over 60 but still employed, please see the employee section.


What‘s the point of KiwiSaver for over 60s? If you can afford to pay $20 per week into your KiwiSaver account, you will be able to take full advantage of the Government contributions. You will get:

  • A Government Contribution of up to $10 per week ($521 per year) until you are eligible to withdraw. Government Contributions stop when you are eligible to withdraw.

So if you joined at age 60 and contributed $20 a week for five years (a total of $5,200), you would be eligible for approximately $2,600 of Government contributions over the five years you are a member.

Note that the availability of Government Contributions are set by legislation and could be changed or suspended at any time.