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How do I contribute to my Kiwi Wealth super account?

You can set up a direct debit, make voluntary payments via internet banking or have your employer make direct payments.

You can make voluntary contributions to your Kiwi Wealth super via direct debit, internet banking transfer or via your employer. There is a minimum of $50 per contribution.

To set up a direct debit:

To pay a contribution via internet banking we'll need to provide you with bank account details, either:

  • Complete this form and include your IR number or Kiwi Wealth Super number; or
  • Use the live chat function on our home page

To start making contributions via your employer you'll need to gather the following information and send it to us by email or use the live chat function on our home page:

  • Email address for your payroll department
  • Your company name
  • The percentage of your salary that you wish to start contributing