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How do I change my contributions to my Kiwi Wealt Super Scheme account?

Learn how to change your contributions to your Kiwi Wealth Super Scheme account.

Contributions are determined by your employer and detailed in the supplement given to you with the Kiwi Wealth Super Scheme Product Disclosure Statement.

Unless your employer’s Participation Agreement says otherwise, your employer can stop, reduce, or increase contributions, or make additional contributions. Your employer may stop contributing on your behalf if you are no longer an employee or your employer ceases participating in the Scheme.

If you wish to change your contributions via your Employer in accordance with the plan’s rules, you can let your payroll know and they will be able to make the changes directly. Otherwise we are happy to email your payroll for you if you advise the percentage you wish to have deducted.

If you are making voluntary contributions by direct debit – please let us know the amount that you would like to change this to as well as any changes to the frequency of your contributions - you can contact us here. We will make the change and confirm via email that this is sorted for you.