Can I use my KiwiSaver account for a first home withdrawal if I have previously owned a property?

In some circumstances, if you have previously owned a house or land you may still be eligible to withdraw your KiwiSaver savings as a previous home owner. To qualify, you have to satisfy the Kāinga Ora criteria showing that you are in a similar financial position to a first home buyer and have not used the first home withdrawal from KiwiSaver previously. You will need to make an initial application to Kāinga Ora, including details of your income and any assets or liabilities, to determine your eligibility. Information about qualifying is on this page of the Kāinga Ora website. You will need to provide confirmation from Kāinga Ora to us with your withdrawal application.

In addition, previous homeowners may also be eligible to receive the KiwiSaver First Home Grant through Kāinga Ora. Check out the Kāinga Ora website for more details and eligibility criteria.