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Are there any rules I need to know about when transferring my Australian super to the Kiwi Wealth KiwiSaver Scheme?

Generally, once your Aussie super savings have been transferred, the normal KiwiSaver rules will apply to these savings. However, there are some exceptions:  

  • You cannot make a withdrawal before your retirement age of the money transferred from Australia for the purchase of a first home.  
  • Transferred Aussie super scheme savings cannot be transferred to a third country, but if you permanently emigrate back to Australia you can transfer your KiwiSaver account, including the Aussie super savings, to an Aussie super scheme.
  • You may also be able to access the transferred Aussie super savings from your KiwiSaver account from age 60, provided you satisfy the Australian definition of retirement at that age.
  • Amounts transferred from Aussie super schemes will not count towards your eligibility for member tax credits.

KiwiSaver providers are not required to accept transfers from Australian super schemes. This means that if you decide to change KiwiSaver providers in the future you will need to check that your new provider will accept amounts from an Australian super scheme before you can transfer to their scheme.