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Diana Gordon

Head of Fixed Interest
BSc, PhD

Diana is the Head of Fixed Interest, with ultimate responsibility for fixed interest investing.

Diana brings a breadth of experience to her role, as well as skills spanning multiple asset classes and a wide range of industries, across three continents – Europe, America and Australasia.

Her expertise lies not only in her deep understanding of corporate analysis, but in her ability to look for relative value in multiple markets. She is adept at quickly assessing and acting on market-moving information, at both a macro and micro level, as well as looking for opportunities in volatile markets.

Diana has almost 25 years in investment industries, with experience running fixed interest portfolios in London and New York. She has worked in senior positions at Merrill Lynch, Goldman Sachs Asset Management and Saudi International Bank (an affiliate of JPMorgan). Diana joined Kiwi Wealth in 2012.

Diana has a BSc in chemistry with specialisation in materials for microelectronics from Strathclyde University, as well as a PhD in chemistry from Cambridge University.


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