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Watch the match of a lifetime

November 6, 2019

Kick off your dream of being at a world cup


Still reeling from the shock defeat to England?

Maybe look to the future and plan to see New Zealand make a comeback.

France 2023 will be the team’s big chance to show fans like you they’ve still got what it takes after losing their first world cup game since 2007.

It’ll be a milestone tournament – the 10th held on the 200th anniversary of the invention of rugby by William Webb Ellis.

The big question is will you be there?

If you want to be pitch side in France don’t just dream it – make it a reality.

Get rugby-ready

You’ve got four years to get yourself to the rugby. Thinking ahead could save you thousands.

A year ago, you could have bought a basic tour package to this year’s tournament – including tickets for the semi-final and final – for $8000.

If you waited till the tournament started, you’d have paid up to almost $5000 for a last-minute ticket to the semi-final alone, on top of hugely inflated air fares.

Start putting away small amounts now and you could achieve your goal and take advantage of early deals by having your money earmarked and ready to go.  

How to get there?

In the past, a term deposit might have been the obvious solution if you were investing for a big-ticket goal within a set timeframe.

But times have changed.

A Financial Markets Authority survey in August 2019 found that 43% of term deposit investors were likely to invest less in term deposits because of low interest rates.

Many of them were considering managed funds instead because of the potential to get better investment returns.

And while some funds cost thousands to join, you can open a managed fund at Kiwi Wealth for as little as $500.

Another advantage our managed funds have over some term deposits or savings accounts is that you won’t be penalised for making withdrawals from your investment.

Three steps to invest

Investing in Kiwi Wealth Managed Funds is quick and easy. You can do it all online – just follow these three steps.

  1. 1 Set it up. Enter your details, set your savings goal and give your account a name.
  1. 2 Choose a fund. Pick from the conservative, balanced or growth fund that best suits your goal, timeframe and how comfortable you are with risk.
  2. 3 Start investing. Transfer money to start investing. You can also make additional investments of as little as $50, whenever suits you.

If rugby isn’t your thing, managed funds can still be a way to help you use your finances to fund the experience of a lifetime.  The Olympics in 2024, the cricket in 2023 or something else entirely.  You set the goal and start investing now. 

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