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Early Retirement Pros and Cons

What is considered early retirement in New Zealand? New Zealand doesn’t have a mandated re...

How much do I need to retire?

Have you thought about what kind of life you want in retirement?

6 ways to finance your first home purchase

Buying your first home is one of the most exciting purchases you will ever make. For some ...

10 signs you're ready for retirement

Retirement is a significant milestone, so it’s wise to make sure you’re absolutely ready f...

Why plan for retirement?

Retirement is coming ready or not. Better to be ready than not.

Live long and prosper

The three stages of life in retirement and how to plan for them.

Continue growing your wealth after 65

Does turning 65 mean it's time to withdraw the entirety of your KiwiSaver balance?

Will NZ Super and KiwiSaver be enough?

Will you need an extra source of income for your retirement?

Want to retire early? Have a plan

Following these four steps could help you turn your dream of early retirement into reality...

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