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Talking to retirees

November 29, 2017

Chief Editor, Kiwi Wealth News

Written by Chief Editor, Kiwi Wealth News

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iStock_000045151646_Large.jpgAt Kiwi Wealth, we love hearing retirees' tips and advice on managing their money. Now we've discovered a personal finance blogger who shares our fascination in finding out how older Kiwis achieved their retirement goals.

Ruth, aka ‘The Happy Saver’, recently interviewed retired couple Keith and Anne about everything from how much a house cost 45 years ago, to how they managed to pay off debt with a combined income of – wait for it – $61 a week! 

Ruth found out how Keith and Anne became debt-free in their early 50s, about 28 years after taking out their home loans, and then set their sights on saving for a comfortable retirement.

The whole article is well worth a read, and has some great tips and suggestions that Ruth picked up from Keith and Anne that you might want to apply to your own life. But there was one section that we thought was particularly interesting:

“One major change between the 1960s and today is that ‘retirement’ as we know it is SO LAST CENTURY! Now in their seventies, both of them [Keith and Anne] still work part time jobs (and pay secondary tax) to supplement their superannuation payment and because of this they are yet to rely on the investments they have made over the years. They didn’t stagger towards 65 and hand in their notice on their birthday but instead continue to work because they enjoy their jobs, the people they meet and it keeps them busy and engaged.”

The changing realities of retirement is something we’ve talked about before, and it’s interesting to see that there are already retirees, like Keith and Ann, for whom retirement hasn’t meant the end of work.

As Keith and Ann have shown, retirement in the future isn’t going to be the same as it was for previous generations and we need to prepare for something that might be very different than what we might have envisaged for ourselves, so it’s best to be practical and try and make sure you’re as prepared for whatever might come next as much as possible.

And while Keith and Anne may have retired before KiwiSaver was launched 10 years ago, it can be a great way to help people prepare for the kind of retirement that they are enjoying.

We’d like to thank Ruth for letting us share her blog post with you and encourage you to take a look at her site ‘The Happy Saver’. It has loads of tips and tricks on other areas of financial planning – not just retirement.

And, like Ruth, we’d like to wish you all:

Happy Saving!


The information provided, or any opinions expressed in this article, are of a general nature only and should not be construed, or relied on, as a recommendation to invest in a particular financial product or class of financial products. You should seek financial advice specific to your circumstances from an Authorised Financial Adviser before making any investment decisions. 

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