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New year new financial resolution?

January 14, 2020

Get inspiration from our team when setting your financial goals for the year ahead.

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What are your money goals for 2020?

Maybe you want to spend less, save up for a special trip, create an emergency fund or get smarter at investing.

We asked 7 people from Kiwi Wealth what they plan to do better this year.  Their answers may surprise you!

1 Diana Gordon, Head of Fixed Interest

“I’m trying very hard to reduce my footprint on the world and be mindful of my consumption. On a personal level, that involves things like buying second-hand clothes, growing vegetables and composting.

When it comes to investing, I try to invest in companies that are sustainable – not just because that’s the right thing to do, but because those companies are the ones that will succeed in the future.”

2 Kris Milne, Senior Legal Counsel

“My key goal is to start saving to invest rather than saving to spend. I’ve always been a bit scared of taking risks with investing money, but I’m quite happy to spend it all!

I think it’s time I got a bit braver about giving investing a go – I’ve seen how that’s helped friends and family achieve a level of financial security.”

3 Matt Beach, Head of Customer

“My aim is to make regular payments into a managed fund account we recently set up for my daughter, who is eight. When she’s older, she can use it to pay for her education, or to travel – whatever is important to her.

My wife and I are both football mad, so we’re also going to open a managed fund account to save up to go to the 2026 FIFA World Cup in Mexico, the US and Canada. If we start saving now, we know we’ll get there.”

4 Ben McNulty, Digital Marketing Specialist

“By the middle of 2020, I want to have an emergency fund with enough money to cover my mortgage, bills and other expenses for three months.

I’ll put the money into an offset mortgage so it will save me some interest on my mortgage payments.

Having an emergency fund is one of those fundamental things that I’ve been wanting to do for ages. Once I’ve saved enough, I can focus on using my money to grow wealth.”

5 Harley Calder, Product Manager

“I’m going to set up a rainy day account to dip into if I have to replace any whiteware or if the car needs repairs. It’s just a matter of time before something needs to be fixed or replaced, so I’ve decided to be more proactive about preparing for it.

I’ll pay a regular amount into a managed fund by direct debit, and then I won’t have to think about it again. I’ll just know that the money will be there when I need it.”

6 Kristen Lunman, General Manager of share platform Hatch

“My goal is to develop my two tweens into more conscious consumers. I want them to see how we can use our power as consumers in a way that’s good for us and good for the planet. For example, we can spend some of our money on family adventures rather than plastic stuff that will end up in the tip.

I’m also encouraging them to learn more about investing. I’ve invested some money on their behalf through my Hatch account in companies they’re interested in Netflix and Disney for my daughter, and Nike and Apple for my son.”

7Glenn Macann, Head of Advice

“I’m a big fan of Carl Richards, creator of the New York Times’ Sketch Guy column, who uses simple sketches to make complex financial concepts easy to understand.

My wife Carla and I recently read Carl’s book, The One-Page Financial Plan. We’ve decided to take on some of the lessons from the book and create our own one-page financial plan for our family.

Carla and I also plan to find a better digital tool to keep track of our expenses, and to set aside time regularly to talk about our family budget and upcoming expenses.”

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