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In case you missed it: Covid-19 perspectives

March 16, 2020

A round up of accessible reads relating to finance, health and the economy


As the ongoing impact of Covid-19 resonates around the world, we look closer to home with a special regularly updated round-up. We share our pick of articles and explainers on what Covid-19 means for New Zealand and New Zealanders in the areas of finance, health and the economy. We hope it’s useful in these uncertain times.

The latest word from Kiwi Wealth

Covid-19 continues to impact the markets and your Kiwi Wealth investments. Our advice, as always, during periods of market downturn is to sit tight.
Should I panic and sell or hold tight? | Newsroom

Why'sit tight'? What goes down will usually go up. Looking back in history offers some reassurance in these unsettling times. 
The sharemarket crisis in context | Kiwi Wealth

What's it like making billion dollar investment decisions at a time of market turmoil? Hear from Diana Gordon, Kiwi Wealth's Head of Fixed Interest.
What's it like making billion dollar investment decisions during Covid-19? | The Spinoff

Kiwi Wealth is an ‘Essential Service’ defined under the level 4 criteria, which means we are still here to offer timely and helpful advice and supportWe've also answered some of your most frequently asked KiwiSaver FAQs

An early KiwiSaver withdrawal is available for people having significant difficulties meeting their day to day living costs. Find out if you meet the criteria for a KiwiSaver Significant Financial Hardship Withdrawal.
KiwiSaver Significant Financial Hardship Withdrawal | Kiwi Wealth

New Zealand is now in Alert Level four. Microbiologist Siouxsie Wiles explains how the alert system works and why it helps to contain the spread of coronavirus with the help of a simple animation by Toby Morris. 
How the level alert system works and why it matters | The Spinoff

Money and finance

27 March 2020:

If you're one of over 3 million New Zealanders with KiwiSaver this video Q & A might be helpful.
Covid-19 questions answered | NZ Herald

26 March 2020:

The government has announced a mortgage holiday for those affected by Covid-19. What's it actually mean?  Here's one explanation.
A mortgage holiday: here's what it could look like | Stuff

If you’re considering taking up the offer of a mortgage holiday because of the impact of Covid-19 this might be useful.
Things to know before you consider a mortgage holiday | Stuff

24 March 2020:

News of the decision by the government to move to Alert Level 4 has impacted all New Zealanders in some way including finances. Find out more about government plans to help Kiwis.
All Kiwis will receive financial support from the Govt as NZ braces for level four lockdown | NZ Herald

22 March 2020:

Why are investment experts including Kiwi Wealth reminding investors of the value in taking a long term view of investing? This opinion piece gives one perspective.
How to profit from stock market carnage | Stuff

21 March 2020:

If you're one of over 3 million New Zealanders with KiwiSaver this Q & A about KiwiSaver in these Covid-19 times might be helpful.
More KiwiSaver questions answered as investors worry about market wobbles | Stuff

20 March 2020:

If you’re worried about the sudden drop in your KiwiSaver balance this might be of interest.
The government isn’t stealing from your KiwiSaver | Stuff

16 March 2020:

As global share markets plunge the financial impact of Covid-19 has really hit home for many everyday Kiwi investors who are seeing a sudden dip in the value of their investments. The overall message from the experts is keep calm and hang in there.
Should I panic and sell or hold tight? | Newsroom

Over 3 million New Zealanders have KiwiSaver. What’s the impact of Covid-19 on KiwiSaver?Coronavirus and KiwiSaver - what you need to know | CFFC

Health and well-being

31 March 2020:

One of the first people you’ll meet if you think you have Covid-19 are nurses.  What’s it like for them at the frontline?
I'm scared too - a nurse on life on the frontline of Covid-19 | The Spinoff

The Ministry of Health has announced new guidelines for funerals and tangihanga, allowing a restricted number of family members within the same bubble of the deceased to visit them in the funeral home.
New guidelines for funeral and tangihanga | RNZ

Lockdown is challenging for all of us including those living with disabilities.  Here’s an opinion piece on what’s needed to support disabled people now and in the future.
Disabled people can't be allowed to fall through the cracks of the Covid-19 crisis | The Spinoff

With schools closed in lockdown and no date set to reopen this opinion piece asks if it’s timely to do a bit of a rethink on education policy in New Zealand
It's time for education to prepare for the new normal | The Spinoff

Finding it challenging keeping the kids active in lockdown?  This might help.
How to get kids out in the wild while staying at home | The Spinoff

30 March 2020:

As reports of the challenges of testing people for Covid-19 make headlines in media, what’s it like to be tested, be found positive and come out the other side? 
Like being randomly pricked with a pin and worse | Newsroom

Dr Ashley Bloomfield, Director-General of Health, has become a leading ‘face’ in the efforts to contain Covid-19 in media.  Find out more about the man behind the media appearances. 
The face of Covid-19 response - who is Ashley Bloomfield? | Newsroom/RNZ

New Zealand last entered a state of national emergency during the Christchurch earthquakes.  This time it’s in response to Covid-19.  Any similarities or differences between these experiences?
Christchurch: coronavirus and the new normal | Newsroom

If you have a pet in your Covid-19 lockdown bubble this might be useful.
How to deal with your pets during lockdown | The Spinoff

28 March 2020:

It’s Day 3 of lockdown aimed at containing the spread of Covid-19  here - how and when will we know if it’s working?  Siouxsie Wiles explains the concept of ‘the lag’ with the help of illustrations by Toby Morris.
When will we know the lockdown is working? | The Spinoff

27 March 2020:

It’s said ‘a picture speaks a thousand words’.  These photo essays capture some of New Zealand's people and places as life under lockdown becomes the norm for now.
Photo essay: life under lockdown | Newsroom

Photo essay: NZ in lockdown | The Spinoff

The New Zealand Blood Service is continuing to operate as an essential service and needs all the support it can get in these challenging times.
Covid-19:  the fight for our blood supply | Newsroom

These are difficult times for New Zealand as a nation. How we respond as individuals could make all the difference to New Zealand’s recovery according to this opinion piece.
Don't let hope be the casualty of the virus | Newsroom

26 March 2020:

If you’re unsure what the bubble analogy means and how it works this Q & A might help.
What is a bubble and how does it work | The Spinoff

New Zealand has gone into lockdown in an attempt to contain the spread of Covid-19.  Here’s some scientific data and insights into why lockdown is considered necessary.
Covid-19 could kill 8000 New Zealanders | Newsroom

As experts share advice and tips on parenting during Covid-19, what’s the feeling among children themselves?
Children talk to grown ups about Covid-19 | The Spinoff

25 March 2020:

As New Zealand prepares to move into lockdown at midnight are you clear about what you can and can’t do?  This might help.
Covid-19: What are the rules for lockdown in New Zealand | The Spinoff

24 March 2020:

How are the people delivering healthcare services responding to the government’s directive on social distancing?
Going to the doctor has changed | Newsroom

What does it mean for people working from home from a social and technical point of view?  Listen to this podcast for more.
Housebound with technology to the rescue | Newsroom

Media has reported stories of communities and people coming together. Here’s another perspective.
Where do domestic violence victims go during the Covid-19 lockdown? | The Spinoff

23 March 2020:

The physical symptoms of Covid-19 are widely reported.  But what about people’s mental health in these challenging times? Here’s some insights.
Focus on mental health to cope with Covid-19 stressors | RNZ

After today’s announcement that New Zealand is now on Alert Level three many people will be preparing to work from home – some for the first time. Here’s one person’s tips.
How to make technology work for you when you're working from home | The Spinoff

22 March 2020:

Covid-19 is being talked about at length in the media, at work and even at home. How do you talk to the younger generation about it?
How to talk to children about Covid-19 | Newsroom

21 March 2020:

Many New Zealanders are in self-isolation. Is it possible to be social while being alone?
How to keep your friends while keeping your distance | The Spinoff

19 March 2020:

And how do you know if you’ve got the virus? What testing is involved? 
Siouxsie Wiles on how testing for Covid-19 works | The Spinoff

As media reports new cases of Covid-19 in New Zealand it’s a reminder of the major work behind the scenes screening and testing people for the virus. What’s it like for those in the frontline?
An intensive care doctor writes | The Spinoff

17 March 2020:

What exactly is Covid-19 in scientific terms and how can you best protect yourself from it? Dr Ayesha Verrall answers some everyday questions in this recording of the live Q & A.
Covid-19 Q & A | Newsroom

Business and the economy

31 March 2020:

As New Zealanders settle into life in lockdown cafes are missing their regulars and regulars are missing there favourite café.  Here’s something to think about.
Fighting to save our special cafes | Newsroom

For those who love understanding things like Covid-19 through data and visuals you might enjoy this.
Coronavirus charts and graphics | The Spinoff

The Reserve Bank is ramping up support for businesses and banks by accepting corporate debt and other assets as security for loans to banks.
Reserve bank to ramp up support for businesses and banks | RNZ

Watch this video as Bernard Hickey (Newsroom) and Jarrod Kerr (Kiwibank Chief Economist) discuss the Reserve Bank’s latest move to help banks lends to corporates.
How banks and govt are working together to help corporates| Newsroom

29 March 2020:

Unfortunately challenging times can bring out the worst in people.  Some people are creating scams in an attempt to cash in on Covid-19.
Covid-19 scams - what to look out for | The Spinoff

If you’re a fan of nanogirl (aka Dr Michelle Dickinson ) don’t miss this podcast.
How nanogirl built an online learning platform in three days | The Spinoff

What’s it like working at the frontline providing health services during Covid-19?  Some voice their concerns.
Community and healthcare workers fear infection with PPE | Newsroom

The Foodstuffs group has announced it will pay frontline staff a 10% bonus over the level four lockdown period.  Some people are raising questions about extra pay for other essential workers.
Covid-19  petitions launched demanding hazard pay for essential workers | The Spinoff

As lockdown continues for New Zealanders Telco’s are experiencing massive surges in internet usage.
Broadband and data usage surges as New Zealanders reach out | The Spinoff

28 March 2020:

Magazines and community newspapers are not consider an essential service under level 4 government regulations.  What’s the impact on businesses and communities throughout New Zealand?
Magazines and community newspapers not an essential service and what that means | The Spinoff

27 March 2020:

Stories of panic buying at supermarkets in recent weeks have made headline news.  As Kiwis adjust to life in lockdown supermarkets continue to stay open as essential services.  What’s it like at the frontline?
At the frontline - a supermarket checkout manager on life under Covid-19 | The Spinoff

Stories of people helping others are emerging in media as New Zealand continues to face the daily challenges of the impact of Covid-19.  If you’re the kind of person that’s keen to help this might be of interest.
How to help, volunteer or donate to the fight again Covid-19 | The Spinoff

26 March 2020:

A team of volunteers have built and launched an app aimed at helping unite New Zealanders to help each other through Covid-19.
Tech maverick fast tracks SME help site | Newsroom
Help is here:  a new kiwi skill sharing app to help during Covid-19 | The Spinoff

A $6.25 billion Business Finance Guarantee Scheme for small and medium sized business aims to protect jobs and support the economy as well offer as a six-month mortgage repayment holiday to some New Zealanders in need.  Find out more by listening to this interview with Kiwibank Chief Economist Jarrod Kerr.
New scheme aims to shore up small and medium sized businesses | RNZ

Much has been reported about the negative impact of Covid-19 on the economy. When it comes to climate change it’s not necessarily all bad according to this opinion piece.
Let's never return to normal | Newsroom

As the grape harvest season approaches in New Zealand the grape and wine industry can continue to operate during the Covid-19 lockdown as ‘essential business.’  Here’s some insight into the challenges.
Wine industry faces worker woes during lockdown | Newsroom/RNZ

25 March 2020:

The lockdown will disrupt everyday lives and the economy but what’s the alternative asks Rod Oram in this opinion piece.
We can't resurrect people we can restore the economy | Newsroom

24 March 2020:

Leaders from some of the country's essential industries are giving an assurance they will able to provide the goods and services to get people through the Covid-19 lockdown.
Essential services promise to get people through | Noted

Kiwi Wealth has been classified as an ‘Essential Service’ defined under the level 4 government criteria based.  Find out who else meets the essential services criteria and why.
What are essential services in Covid-19 lockdown? | The Spinoff

23 March 2020:

The media continues to report widely on the financial impact of Covid-19.  What about climate change asks the author of this opinion piece.
Spend billions on jobs but save climate too | Newsroom

22 March 2020

In these uncertain times some New Zealand businesses are coming up with surprising and practical ways to help tackle the spread of Covid-19.
From vodka to hand sanitiser, boutique distilleries switch up to tackle Covid-19 | The Spinoff

All over New Zealand businesses are feeling the impact of a sudden decline in international tourism. Here's insight from one town in the South Island.
Covid-19 impacts Wanaka | Stuff

21 March 2020:

The negative impact of Covid-19 on the economy and business continues to be widely reported. Is there a positive side?
Two Cents Worth: Covid-19's silver lining | Newsroom

Many businesses throughout New Zealand are facing challenging times. Here’s something to consider.
Buy local and help keep fellow New Zealanders in jobs during Covid-19 | The Spinoff

It’s uncertain times for businesses in New Zealand. According to this opinion piece how businesses cope will be different for different types of businesses.
How will business survive Covid-19 | Newsroom

19 March 2020:

The student community in Christchurch helped people in need in Christchurch post-earthquake and again after the Mosque attacks. Now the student volunteer arm is back again lending a helping hand during Covid-19.
Covid-19 student volunteer army launched in Wellington | RNZ

Want to understand what’s happening in the markets and what it means for the economy?
A crash course in money trading and why Covid-19 is smashing our economy | The Spinoff

17 March 2020:

Yesterday the Reserve bank announced a major cut in the Official Cash Rate. What’s that mean and why is it necessary?
What the whopping Covid-19 cut to the official cash rate means | The Spinoff

16 March 2020:

As Covid-19 continues to influence decisions around border restrictions on the movement of people and goods at home and abroad, how will New Zealand business and trade be affected? Listen to an expert’s view in this podcast.
Two Cents’ Worth: Covid-19, business and trade | Newsroom

And finally, times of uncertainty can bring out the best and the worst in people. Some information is useful and helpful – some isn’t. We think it’s important to provide credible information that is useful and responsible. We hope you agree.
An alarming number of NZ entrepreneurs are becoming amateur epidermiologists | The Spinoff/RNZ

How to talk to people who spread myths about global pandemics | The Spinoff

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