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In case you missed it: Covid-19 perspectives

March 16, 2020

A round up of accessible reads relating to finance, health and the economy

The Spinoff Zero

                                                                 'no new cases' image by Toby Morris for The Spinoff

As New Zealand moves to Covid Level 1 we bring you the last of our updates.  We've done our best to share our pick of articles and explainers on what Covid-19 means for New Zealand and New Zealanders in the areas of finance, health and the economy. We hope it’s been useful in these extraordinary times.

Head straight to your area of interest by clicking on the themes below: 

The latest word from Kiwi Wealth

Covid-19 continues to impact the markets and your Kiwi Wealth investments. Our advice, as always, during periods of market downturn is to sit tight.
Should I panic and sell or hold tight? | Newsroom

Why'sit tight'? What goes down will usually go up. Looking back in history offers some reassurance in these unsettling times. 
The sharemarket crisis in context | Kiwi Wealth

Melissa Vasta, Kiwi Wealth GM retail and product, responds to questions about Covid-19’s impact on New Zealanders’ finances from two readers at different ends of their saving journeys about what to do with their KiwiSaver account.
My KiwiSaver is disappearing - am I in the right fund? | The Spinoff

Tune in to hear from Matt Beach, Kiwi Wealth’s Head of Customer Services for this snapshot on what we’re doing to help those contacting us during Covid-19 lockdown.
How Kiwi Wealth is responding to Covid-19:  view from the frontline | Newsroom

What's it like making billion dollar investment decisions at a time of market turmoil? Hear from Diana Gordon, Kiwi Wealth's Head of Fixed Interest.
What's it like making billion dollar investment decisions during Covid-19? | The Spinoff

Throughout lockdown we are still here to offer timely and helpful advice and supportWe've also answered some of your most frequently asked KiwiSaver FAQs

An early KiwiSaver withdrawal is available for people having significant difficulties meeting their day to day living costs. Find out if you meet the criteria for a KiwiSaver Significant Financial Hardship Withdrawal.
KiwiSaver Significant Financial Hardship Withdrawal | Kiwi Wealth

Money and finance

8 June 2020:

A lot of people are boosting their income taking on a side hustle and they’re not just millennials – even GenXers and Baby Boomers are getting in on the action reports Nikki Mandow in this podcast
two cents worth podcast - a side hustle story | Newsroom/RNZ

KiwiSaver balance drops prompted people to think more about investment opportunities according to this piece in Stuff
Kiwis use lockdown to learn how to invest | Stuff

Budget 2020 brought the announcement that the Covid-19 wage subsidy scheme (WSS) would be extended, with a few twists. This article addresses some common questions in relation to both the current WSS and the new extended wage subsidy scheme (EWSS).
Q & A about the covid-19 wage subsidy scheme | Stuff

Manukau Urban Māori Authority has welcomed the government's new regulations to crack down on predatory lending.
people are drowning in debt crackdown on loan sharks welcomed | RNZ

17 May 2020:

Gaming consoles, exercise bikes, DVDs and paint – turns out what New Zealand is buying says a lot about what we’ve been doing in lockdown.
Online shopping soared in lockdown - what have we been buying?  | Newsroom

13 May 2020:

Hatch GM Kristen Lunman shares some dos and don’ts for investing during a big market decline
Making the most of the Covid-19 sharemarket dip | The Spinoff

First-home buyers have spotted their chance to get into the market, Trade Me data shows - but whether they'll be able to make it happen is another question.
First home buyers hoping to get into the property market | Stuff

11 May 2020:

With widespread talk about a recession post Covid-19 what can we do to protect ourselves? Accountant and financial blogger Sam Harith offers some thoughts.
A guide to surviving the upcoming recession | The Spinoff

Work and Income appears to have spent decades wrongly advising some benefit applicants that they cannot get support until their redundancy has run out.
Work and Income wrong on benefits and redundancies for decades | RNZ

What will this week’s budget bring – here’s some thoughts
The recovery budget - can it save your job or your home | Stuff

The Serious Fraud Office (SFO) is warning criminals will take advantage of our Covid-19 relief funds after seeing a rise in scams overseas.
Serious Fraud office warns criminals target Covid 19 relief schemes | TVNZ

7 May 2020:

What's a mortgage holiday mean in practice?  One bank (Kiwibank) responds.
Is a mortgage holiday as fun as it sounds? | The Spinoff

Listen to Frances Cook’s latest ‘Cooking the books’ podcast as she attempts to break some myths around KiwiSaver.
Worrying KiwiSaver myths busted | NZ Herald podcast

1 May 2020:

The direct-from-NZ US share-trading market is set to become an increasingly-crowded space as two new providers line up to compete with Kiwi Wealth owned digital platform Hatch..
Direct US share trading options multiply in NZ | Investment News

Peter Cordtz from the Commission for Financial Capability on whether or not New Zealanders should have easier access to our KiwiSaver funds.
Peter Cordtz on easing up of Kiwisaver access conditions | Newstalk ZB

30 April 2020:

Kiwibank answers questions about Covid-19’s impact on New Zealanders’ finances
I own a small business. What do I do now? | The Spinoff

The New Zealand share market has risen sharply today but there are warnings that the wild ride is not over reports RNZ
Bulls and bargain hunters boost sharemarket | RNZ

24 April 2020:

From next month, KiwiSaver annual statements will include a projected amount for KiwiSaver savings, shown as a weekly dollar value of income in retirement. 
Industry wide change will show KiwiSaver balance forecast to age 65 | Newshub

The government's wage subsidy scheme has been paid to nearly 1000 companies who should not have received it reports RNZ
Dozens of family trusts among Covid-19 subsidy claims | RNZ

A prominent businessman is proposing letting rich foreigners build luxury holiday homes in New Zealand to stimulate the economy reports RNZ
Let rich people build more luxury homes in NZ Xero founder | RNZ

22 April 2020:

Answering hundreds of calls a day from anxious KiwiSaver investors, Kiwi Wealth’s head of customer services Matt Beach paints a picture of how some New Zealanders are handling the Covid-19 downturn.
What it's like to field your KiwiSaver concerns during Covid-19 | The Spinoff

 New Zealander should each be given a payment of $1500 suggests Kiwibank Chief Economist Jarrod Kerr – find out why.
New Zealand families need cash payouts to force economy back to life | Stuff

House prices will fall at least 10 percent during the Covid-19 pandemic, according to economist Cameron Bagrie.
Economist predicts house prices to fall at least 10 percent | RNZ

16 April 2020:

Frances Cook looks at how to weigh up whether you need to drain your KiwiSaver to survive Covid-19 in this podcast
'Cooking the books' podcast - KiwiSaver and Covid-19 | NZ Herald

Bernard Hickey zooms out to lunch with Kiwibank chief economist Jarrod Kerr to talk about the IMF's global recession call and how the Covid-19 crisis might affect asset prices, including house prices here. They also talk about the responses of central banks and Governments to the crisis, and whether they will soften the blow enough to bolster asset prices. The special guest in this episode is Simon O’Grady, chief investment officer at Kiwi Wealth, who sees the glass as half full for global markets in the long run but sees the potential for another leg downwards.
Bernard and Jarrod - how far might house prices fall | Newsroom

14 April 2020:

Shops and restaurants have been closed for weeks as part of the nation’s lockdown.  What will it be like once New Zealand comes out of lockdown asks this article?
Splashing out then slowing down – the likely post lockdown retail climate | Stuff

Covid-19 has impacted different people in different ways.  Here’s one perspective.
Economic turmoil from Covid-19 massively reduces wealth of the super-rich | Stuff

9 April 2020:

More than 30,000 New Zealanders are using online share trading platform Hatch and sign ups have increased 50%.  Bernard Hickey finds out why in this video for Newsroom.
Investors flock to Hatch and into global market | Newsroom

8 April 2020:

Many New Zealanders have money worries because of the impact of Covid-19.  If that sounds like you, these links might be of interest:
Worried you're caught short in retirement because of Covid-19? | Kiwi Wealth

Cooking the Books podcast: The steps to prep for a recession if you don't have any savings |Herald

Listen in as Tom Hartmann, the editor of Sorted talks is interviewed about various aspects of KiwiSaver.
Coronavirus - a great moment to revaluate our financial behaviour | Magic Talk

The Financial Markets Authority (FMA) has stepped in after false advertisements were posted online claiming that people in New Zealand will need health insurance to cover Covid-19 testing or treatment.
FMA steps in after false ads claim health insurance needed for Covid-19 | ONE News

6 April 2020:

Fortunes can be lost or made in volatile markets. Listen to this Two Cents Worth podcast to find out how some 'amateur' investors are navigating these times. 
Riding the sharemarket rollercoaster in Covid-19 | Newsroom & RNZ

Utility, housing, banking and finance companies are being asked pause disconnections, debt collections and waive penalty fees as people struggle to pay their bills during the Covid-19 lockdown reports RNZ.
Social services ask for halt of debt collection and fees so families can survive | RNZ

Economies are big complicated things but understanding them can be simple according to this opinion piece.
How to spot Covid-19's economic hit - check your wallet | Stuff

3 April 2020:

If you’re approaching retirement and worried about the effect of Covid-19 on your investment and cashflow in the short-term this might help.
Worried you're caught short in retirement because of Covid-19? | Kiwi Wealth

What’s it like investing in a bear market?  Here’s one perspective.
Making the most of the Covid-19 market dip | Hatch

2 April 2020:

A week into level four lockdown, some subscription services and brands have started to make their products temporarily free.
Best things for free online while the country's in lockdown | The Spinoff

Banks are providing a range of options to help customers facing financial hardship during the COVID-19 level 4 lockdown
Banks put up options for customers facing hardship | Newshub

27 March 2020:

If you're one of over 3 million New Zealanders with KiwiSaver this video Q & A might be helpful.
Covid-19 questions answered | NZ Herald

26 March 2020:

If you’re considering taking up the offer of a mortgage holiday because of the impact of Covid-19 this might be useful.
Things to know before you consider a mortgage holiday | Stuff

24 March 2020:

News of the decision by the government to move to Alert Level 4 has impacted all New Zealanders in some way including finances. Find out more about government plans to help Kiwis.
All Kiwis will receive financial support from the Govt as NZ braces for level four lockdown | NZ Herald

22 March 2020:

Why are investment experts including Kiwi Wealth reminding investors of the value in taking a long term view of investing? This opinion piece gives one perspective.
How to profit from stock market carnage | Stuff

20 March 2020:

If you’re worried about the sudden drop in your KiwiSaver balance this might be of interest.
The government isn’t stealing from your KiwiSaver | Stuff

16 March 2020:

As global share markets plunge the financial impact of Covid-19 has really hit home for many everyday Kiwi investors who are seeing a sudden dip in the value of their investments. The overall message from the experts is keep calm and hang in there.
Should I panic and sell or hold tight? | Newsroom

Health and well-being

8 June 2020:

It’s a return to (nearly) normal as New Zealand moves to alert level one and the country is declared free of known cases of Covid-19. Justin Giovannetti reports from parliament as the decision was made.
We are ready Jacinda Adern declares a move to end restrictions | The Spinoff

Analysis: As New Zealand eases restrictions, it no longer has international precedent to look towards and must decide on its own how to reopen the economy while reducing the risk of a second wave of infections, Marc Daalder reports
Covid-19 how to avoid the second wave | Newsroom

Via the Science Media Centre, the experts give their views on the milestone, and the impending move to alert level one.
Covid-free NZ the experts on a big milestone and alert level one | The Spinoff

Who gets the spoils from a $265m financial relief package for sports? The Extra Time Podcast asks some of those vying for the special funds. 
The 265m sports lolly scramble | Newsroom/RNZ

Covid-19 has given rise to a new era of remote working, potentially opening up more income, and regions, to New Zealand’s freelance economy. 
remote working could change whre and how we earn a living | The Spinoff

17 May 2020:

Call it unity, or solidarity, or kotahitanga, Covid-19 made us realise something we’ve known all along: we are all responsible for one another. There is a chance we can now act with common purpose to address intergenerational inequality. For older people, this means curtailing some of our choices, writes public health expert Charlotte Paul.
Covid-19 and the common good | The Spinoff

The 'jobs, jobs, jobs' budget is based on shuffling people out of service-industry roles into more 'shovel-ready' ones. Is it realistic asks Newsroom?
Retrain really? | Newsroom

Budget 2020 includes increased spending on family support measures, from first aid for an ailing maternity care system, more money for early children education and after-school care, and many more free lunches.
Budget - yes there are free lunches | Newsroom

Māori leaders grapple with how to respond to new police powers over tangi and hui - a situation one labels 'an attack on our way of death'. Kayne Ngātokowhā Peters reports
Maori take lead in tangi limits | Newsroom

In responding to the Covid-19 crisis, the Government appears to have completely forgotten about the climate crisis writes Mark Daalder in this analysis piece.
Budget - trading coronavirus for the climate crisis | Newsroom

13 May 2020:

With Level 2 comes more choice for many - are you keen to get back to the office or work from home - take the poll
Keen to get back to the office or work from home? | NZ Herald

Thousands of New Zealand office workers will be able to leave their homes and return to work under alert level 2, but with restrictions.
Covid 19 coronavirus: Thousands of office workers to return with restrictions, how lives will change | NZ Herald 

11 May 2020:

With an announcement regarding a potential loosening of strict physical distancing and travel rules due today, how prepared are we to lower our defences against Covid-19?
Are we ready for Level 2? | Newsroom

His toughness is legendary, but how is Richie McCaw, the man recently voted the world’s best rugby player of the last decade holding up now – this interview set out to find out.
Catching up with Richie McCaw in lockdown | The Spinoff

Part one of a special documentary and podcast series on the vital role water will play in New Zealand’s future featuring Dr Mike Joy.
Polluted waterways threaten our health | Newsroom

Jacinda Ardern, Ashley Bloomfield and thousands of anonymous comms workers just accomplished what we all would have thought impossible just weeks ago. Duncan Greive looks back at the historic lockdown, and how it was achieved.
A masterclass in mass communication and control | The Spinoff

Ornithologists believe birds - which have been more visible in parks and public spaces - could abandon them once people start to come back.
Increase in birdlife during lockdown may be lost once people return | RNZ

7 May 2020:

As countries around the world roll out apps to help trace the contacts of Covid-19 cases, New Zealand may be going its own way, Marc Daalder reports
Rising NZ doubts about contact tracing | Newsroom

We’re beginning to solve a crucial part of the puzzle: just when, and for how long, are people infectious?
What we don't know about Covid-19 with Siouxsie Wiles and Toby Morris | The Spinoff

Could the lockdown signal an end to rough sleeping? Former rough sleepers and community housing groups think it could.
Homeless being housed quicker in lockdown | RNZ

The University of Auckland's Tim Dare examines some of the potential problems with using contact tracing apps here in New Zealand
The ethics of contact tracing apps | Newsroom

6 May 2020:

Covid-19 has forced employers to explore comprehensive measures for a danger they never would have anticipated. But what about the worker’s other rights?  A lawyer gives his view in this opinion piece.
Covid-19 is not a free pass to breach employment rights | Stuff

According to some health professionals Covid-19 has never been a better time to talk about death….
Covid-19 and conversations around death | Newsroom

1 May 2020:

Grief is an unwanted guest at the best of times, none more so than when you can’t actually have guests writes Sam Brooks for The Spinoff.
An unwanted intrusion - grief during lockdown | The Spinoff

How can enough Covid-19 vaccine be made quickly for 7.8 billion people and should New Zealand produce its own vaccine?
Could a Covid-19 vaccine be our ultimate buy local product? | Newsroom

Emergency departments nationwide are reporting a decrease in patients, but an increase in injuries from Kiwi’s keen on DIY.
How we are accidentally hurting ourselves in lockdown | The Spinoff

GP Dr Lucy O’Hagen writes about the heroic perception of doctors right now, from one who is out there on the front lines
On not being Ashley | The Spinoff

30 April 2020

For an urban view of lockdown check out these videos of our largest city Auckland and our capital city Wellington from above.
Watch Wellington in lockdown from above | The Spinoff

Watch Auckland in lockdown from above | The Spinoff

As New Zealand (like much of the world) focuses on Covid-19 issues within its own borders, aid agencies are warning humanitarian relief must not be neglected or decades of work could be undone, Sam Sachdeva reports
How NZ can aid the world in the Covid-19 response | Newsroom

After weeks of lockdown, people are still testing positive. Dr Siouxie Wiles explains why getting tested swiftly if you have symptoms is really important.
Why getting tested for Covid-19 is still important | The Spinoff

How did the name Covid-19 come about?  Find out more in this short video featuring Siouxsie Wiles.
Where did the name Covid-19 come from? | The Spinoff

24 April 2020:

This year the usual Anzac Day services won’t be happening across New Zealand because of lockdown.  Journalist Allan Ramsay remembers his grandfather’s version of the Anzac story.
Absent without leave | Newsroom

New Zealand is pursuing an ‘elimination’ strategy to counter the coronavirus pandemic but as Siouxsie Wiles and Toby Morris explain ‘elimination’ in science terms doesn’t necessarily mean the same as its common meaning.
What do we mean when we talk about the elimination of Covid-19 | The Spinoff

If you’re planning to spend some of the long weekend curled up with a book this might be useful
The 10 most popular NZ novels in the lockdown | Newsroom

New data visualisations show how well we’re following the instruction to stay at home to stop the spread of Covid-19 in lockdown.
The data proves it we're staying at home | The Spinoff

22 April 2020:

Over the weekend the Cook Islands was one of the first countries in the world to declare itself officially Covid-19 announce it is Covid-19 free.  Find out more about this milestone from New Zealander Shaun Bamber who is currently back here.
The Cook Islands are the world's number one Covid 19 success story | The Spinoff

What does the move to Level 3 lockdown mean for real estate agents and buyers and sellers – Newsroom’s Nikki Mandow asks this and more.
Estate agents want one on one viewings in level 3 | Newsroom

Lockdown has impacted us in all kinds of ways – some more obvious than others according to this piece on The Spinoff.
Eleven ways life has changed in lockdown New Zealand | The Spinoff

For those who rely on the great outdoors for their sport, it’s been a tough four weeks but some of New Zealand’s top sportspeople seem to have found a silver lining in lockdown according to this report.
The pull of the ocean, the lake and the hills | Newsroom

16 April 2020:

Feeling stressed during lockdown?  This free app launched by John Kirwan might be of interest.
Virtual mental health coach to help you get through lockdown | The Spinoff

What’s life in lockdown look like for New Zealanders?  This opinion pieces paints one picture. 
Lockdown reality for other New Zealand | Newsroom

Lockdown has given many New Zealanders a taste of what it’s like to live in cities and towns without many cars on the streets.  What could this mean for the way we design and move around our cities and towns in the future?  Here’s one opinion.
Enjoying the people friendly streets of lockdown | The Spinoff

Privacy commissioner John Edwards comments on the impact of Covid-19 from a rights and liberties point of view.
Even in extraordinary times the right to privacy remains | The Spinoff

14 April 2020:

This week two new television channels dedicated to broadcasting educational programmes for school students during the Covid-19 lockdown will be launched.  If you’re interested in them this might help.
What is on the new home school TV channels and how do they work? |  The Spinoff

The impact of a pandemic like coronavirus is far reaching.  Can you prepare for a pandemic? Here’s one view.
How do you prepare for a pandemic? | The Spinoff

Vet clinics are an essential service, but under Level 4 rules they can only see animals that urgent treatment. This is causing some tensions reports this article. Vets feeling the strain due to hostile pet owners | Newsroom

As lockdown continues there are reports in media that suggest it’s working.  But we’re not out of the woods yet writes Siouxsie Wiles in this piece, illustrated by Toby Morris. Siouxsie Wiles and Toby Morris on what we should expect next from Covid-19 | The Spinoff

Retired teacher, psychotherapist and farmer’s wife Margaret Pullar reflects on life in a small town under lockdown when you’re older and alone.
Covid-19 The view from Gore | Newsroom

9 April 2020:

Questions are being raised about how environmentally friendly the economic recovery from the Covid-19 downturn will be by climate activists. 
Covid-19 stimulus is climate's last chance saloon | Newsroom

As Easter approaches and a long weekend for most, the government and police are reminding people New Zealand is in lockdown so stay at home. Here’s a word of caution from Dr Siouxsie Wiles in The Spinoff.
Is it okay to meet up with your neigbours down the driveway? | The Spinoff

As schools move their teaching online, we must be cautious of the risk of amplifying our shameful record of inequalities across the education system, writes Victoria University of Wellington's Louise Starkey in this opinion piece.
How ready is New Zealand for online education? | Newsroom

8 April 2020:

Easter is approaching as the doors to churches throughout New Zealand remain closed in lockdown.  Here’s some thoughts from Anglican Reverend, Scottie Reeve.
Easter is a time of reflection and reckoning especially during lockdown | Newsroom

There’s been many articles on ways parents are keeping children busy and happy in lockdown but what about the older generation?  Here’s one story.
Rock and roll dreams do come true even in lockdown | The Spinoff

There are concerns for refugee families who might not be able to keep up with the rapidly evolving information coming out every day about Covid-19 reports Radio New Zealand.  Listen to the podcast for more. How volunteers are helping refugees in NZ lockdown | RNZ Checkpoint

Can domestic cats spread the coronavirus?  Here’s one view from a New Zealand vet.
NZ expert warns people to keep pets in their coronavirus lockdown bubble | ONE News

6 April 2020:

As we head into another week of lockdown how well equipped are you to work from home in terms of physical comfort?  Here’s some advice that might help.
How to work from home without wrecking your back | The Spinoff

Should all New Zealanders wear face masks in public to reduce the spread of Covid-19? Newsroom looks at the science. 
Facemasks for all the science | Newsroom

Professor Michael Baker from the Department of Public Health at the University of Otago shares his opinion on New Zealand’s chances of beating Covid-19.
NZ with a chance to be only western nation to eradicate Covid-19 | Newshub

According to google tracking data 91% if New Zealanders are staying home.  Across the Tasman it’s a different story according to this report by TVNZ.
Stats show New Zealanders staying at home but Aussies still out and about | One News

5 April 2020:

What it’s like to access and provide essential medical care under alert level four?  Medical centres across the country are condensing services, moving online and ushering in pandemic plans reportsThe Spinoff.
The squeeze on healthcare in locked down NZ | The Spinoff

How are the older generation particularly those in retirement homes finding life in lockdown?  Here’s one perspective. 
It takes a village to beat a virus | Newsroom

How do you hold a funeral service with the country in lockdown? Read one person’s story.
A sendoff in the age of social distancing | The Spinoff

3 April 2020:

Reports throughout the week of people being out and about and too close to others  suggests we’re not quite there yet with how to stay in your bubble to stop the spread of Covid-19.  Here’s some ideas for those living in apartments.
Siouxsie and Toby Morris on apartments and bubbles | The Spinoff

What’s it like away from the city in lockdown?  Here’s an insight from Aotea Great Barrier.
Isolation island | Newsroom

How long does it take to recover from Covid-19 and how do you know you’ve recovered?What does recovered mean? | Newsroom

2 April 2020:

What’s the effect of theCovid-19 lockdown on women and what could the world of work look like post Covid-19? Bernard Hickey, Kiwibank Economist Mary Jo Vergara The Workshop's public policy economist Jess Berentson-Shaw
How Covid-19 hits women hardest |  Newsroom

What’s the role of alcohol during times of crisis like Covid-19?  Read this opinion piece for one perspective.
Booze is not your pandemic friend | The Spinoff

What impact have pandemics had on society in the past and what could Covid-19’have on the future asks this opinion piece.
How epidemics change us | Newsroom

Stuff reports  on the challenges facing the Christchurch City Mission
Demand for food parcels up 305 percent since Friday | Stuff

31 March 2020:

One of the first people you’ll meet if you think you have Covid-19 are nurses.  What’s it like for them at the frontline?
I'm scared too - a nurse on life on the frontline of Covid-19 | The Spinoff

Lockdown is challenging for all of us including those living with disabilities.  Here’s an opinion piece on what’s needed to support disabled people now and in the future.
Disabled people can't be allowed to fall through the cracks of the Covid-19 crisis | The Spinoff

Finding it challenging keeping the kids active in lockdown?  This might help.
How to get kids out in the wild while staying at home | The Spinoff

30 March 2020:

As reports of the challenges of testing people for Covid-19 make headlines in media, what’s it like to be tested, be found positive and come out the other side? 
Like being randomly pricked with a pin and worse | Newsroom

Dr Ashley Bloomfield, Director-General of Health, has become a leading ‘face’ in the efforts to contain Covid-19 in media.  Find out more about the man behind the media appearances. 
The face of Covid-19 response - who is Ashley Bloomfield? | Newsroom/RNZ

If you have a pet in your Covid-19 lockdown bubble this might be useful.
How to deal with your pets during lockdown | The Spinoff

28 March 2020:

It’s Day 3 of lockdown aimed at containing the spread of Covid-19  here - how and when will we know if it’s working?  Siouxsie Wiles explains the concept of ‘the lag’ with the help of illustrations by Toby Morris.
When will we know the lockdown is working? | The Spinoff

27 March 2020:

It’s said ‘a picture speaks a thousand words’.  These photo essays capture some of New Zealand's people and places as life under lockdown becomes the norm for now.
Photo essay: life under lockdown | Newsroom

Photo essay: NZ in lockdown | The Spinoff

The New Zealand Blood Service is continuing to operate as an essential service and needs all the support it can get in these challenging times.
Covid-19:  the fight for our blood supply | Newsroom

26 March 2020:

If you’re unsure what the bubble analogy means and how it works this Q & A might help.
What is a bubble and how does it work | The Spinoff

As experts share advice and tips on parenting during Covid-19, what’s the feeling among children themselves?
Children talk to grown ups about Covid-19 | The Spinoff

25 March 2020:

As New Zealand prepares to move into lockdown at midnight are you clear about what you can and can’t do?  This might help.
Covid-19: What are the rules for lockdown in New Zealand | The Spinoff

24 March 2020:

What does it mean for people working from home from a social and technical point of view?  Listen to this podcast for more.
Housebound with technology to the rescue | Newsroom

Media has reported stories of communities and people coming together. Here’s another perspective.
Where do domestic violence victims go during the Covid-19 lockdown? | The Spinoff

23 March 2020:

The physical symptoms of Covid-19 are widely reported.  But what about people’s mental health in these challenging times? Here’s some insights.
Focus on mental health to cope with Covid-19 stressors | RNZ

22 March 2020:

Covid-19 is being talked about at length in the media, at work and even at home. How do you talk to the younger generation about it?
How to talk to children about Covid-19 | Newsroom

21 March 2020:

Many New Zealanders are in self-isolation. Is it possible to be social while being alone?
How to keep your friends while keeping your distance | The Spinoff

19 March 2020:

And how do you know if you’ve got the virus? What testing is involved? 
Siouxsie Wiles on how testing for Covid-19 works | The Spinoff

17 March 2020:

What exactly is Covid-19 in scientific terms and how can you best protect yourself from it? Dr Ayesha Verrall answers some everyday questions in this recording of the live Q & A.
Covid-19 Q & A | Newsroom

Business and the economy

8 June 2020:

Spinoff cartoonist Toby Morris travels to Waitomo to see first hand the impact of Covid-19 on one of New Zealand's oldest tourist destinations.
The side eye - the tunnel of the lights | The Spinoff

A slight bounce in the economy is brightening the outlook as the country heads into the winter months and anticipates alert level 1.
economic outlook looks brighter but still terrible | RNZ

Kiwis abroad are investigating the prospect of buying property back home.Real estate agents and a moving company have reported increased offshore enquiries, while online traffic data is up for realestate.co.nz and Immigration New Zealand's 'buying a home' page.
overseas kiwis plan to buy homes in nz sooner than they thought | Stuff

It’s not often that someone graduates from university one year and becomes a senior economist commentating on national media the next. George Driver investigates the meteoric rise of the high-flying Brad Olsen.
Who is Brad Olsen boy wonder and economist extraordinaire? | The Spinoff

Will food tourism facilitate our reconnections with friends and families throughout New Zealand, and provide interesting diversions on our road trips through the country, or will it just be for the ‘foodies’ who can afford luxury experiences?
Could food and drink save our tourism industry? | Newsroom

As public sentiment turned against Uber Eats, a new local operation emerged promising a more ethical alternative to help New Zealand’s struggling hospitality industry. But now Eat Local NZ has suspended trading after falling out with its Australian partner Mr Yum. So what happened? Jean Teng investigates.
What went wrong with eat local NZ? | The Spinoff

17 May 2020:

Finance Minister Grant Robertson says the pandemic is a "one-in-100-year event" which demands record spending.  But is it going to be enough? The Two Cents' Worth team dissects the Budget.
Two cents worth podcast:  Will the budget protect us? | RNZ/Newsroom

Budget 2020: In the midst of a pandemic, and with New Zealand beginning the long road to recovery, today’s budget was heralded as potentially the most momentous in a generation. So what did the experts think?
Budget 2020 the great spinoff hot take roundtable | The Spinoff

Treasury is forecasting the Government’s ongoing “rolling maul” of Covid-19 response spending will increase net debt by $140b to $200b in the next four years, but Grant Robertson argues younger taxpayers shouldn’t worry too much. Bernard Hickey analyses the biggest spending Budget in history and sees much, much more borrowing to come, but that’s OK. 
Inside a 200b rolling maul of debt | Newsroom

Finance Minister Grant Robertson called the $50 billion dollar Budget the “most significant commitment by a New Zealand government in modern history”. Opposition parties say the budget doesn’t have a clear plan to get the country back on track and it’s “throwing money at our problems”. Here are the key points according to RE : TVNZ
Budget 2020 in the wake of Covid-19 | RE TVNZ

Listen to Simon talking to Emily Miller-Sharma, general manager at Ruby.
Podcast - How a local fashion label has used lockdown to give back to its customers | The Spinoff

The projection that by 2023 debt will be more than 50 percent of GDP would pose a risk for most nations, let alone a small island nation very much dependent on global economic trends, writes Ananish Chaudhuri in this opinion piece.
Budgets worrying debt to gdp red flags | Newsroom

13 May 2020:

NZ Post is receiving an average of 200 parcels per minute as staff work around the clock to try to clear a huge backlog of deliveries delayed due to the coronavirus.
NZ Post receiving 200 parcels per minute with five day delivery delays | Stuff

11 May 2020:

As the economic impacts from COVID-19 continue to take a toll and with a rise in unemployment expected, an economist says Kiwis over-65 that are still in jobs could retire now to ease some of the pain.
Coronavirus unemployment could be eased if employed over 65s retire | Newshub

Rod Oram picks apart the argument that the lesson of Covid-19 is that we should become more self-sufficient and less reliant on the global economy in his opinion piece.
More global cooperation not less | Newsroom

7 May 2020:

New Zealand is one of the few countries in the world to have ‘upward-only rent review’ clauses enshrined in virtually all commercial lease contracts. In a post-Covid world, that is bad news for retailers writes Newsroom
Sneaky clause means retail rent can only go up never down | Newsroom

The new fast-track process for major projects will need careful drafting to balance the short-term gains with the long-term effects on climate change, writes planning expert Hamish Rennie.
The sprint to shovel must not ignore the marathon | The Spinoff

6 May 2020:

Businesses are being warned about unwittingly entering into cartels as operations become increasingly under pressure due to the lockdown.
Under pressure businesses warned to avoid anti-competitive behaviour | RNZ

Apple growers have filled our fruit bowls and bolstered our export coffers, while harvesting a bumper crop and maintaining strict social distancing for their workforce. Hear what it’s been like in this podcast
An apple harvest no one will ever forget | Newsroom & RNZ

1 May 2020:

Two years ago, Toby Morris met Tasia, a supermarket checkout worker. As New Zealand emerges from the strict Covid-19 lockdown of alert level four he catches up with her again, and finds that while some things have changed, others have not.
The side eye comic - essential worker | The Spinoff

Manufacturing has taken on new importance after Covid-19 and advocates say a new report shows it needs more attention, Dileepa Fonseka reports
Manufacturing matters | Newsroom

What’s the impact of Covid-19 on the economy?  Here’s one view.
The winners and losers of NZ’s post-lockdown economy (and how the losers might win too) | The Spinoff

Māori economist Dr Matthew Roskruge says we could see another urban migration post-lockdown as whānau impacted by the tourism industry struggle to get back to business. But there's potential for a reverse migration as the success of working-from-home may give many Māori the opportunity to return closer to their marae.  Could the economic recovery cause another Māori migration | Maori TV

30 April 2020:

What impact will Covid-19 have on the New Zealand fashion industry?  Here’s one view.  State of undress - the future of NZ fashion after Covid-19 | The Spinoff

Covid-19 has created the perfect storm for Queenstown's economy, and the usually buoyant property market is not immune, writes Paul Taylor
Crisis chills Queenstown's white hot property market | Newsroom

How are businesses adapting to reopening amidst Level 3?  Here’s a snapshot of what some businesses are doing in Palmerston North.
Businesses improvise, adapt and overcome as customers emerge from lockdown | Stuff

24 April 2020:

The month-long Covid-19 lockdown forced many businesses and government departments to use remote working technologies for the first time, and it's a revelation for many. Listen to Bernard Hickey’s podcast on how our national 'Green Eggs and Ham' moment could jumpstart our adoption of digital technology and productivity.
Our giant green eggs and ham moment | Newsroom podcast

Watch Bernard Hickey and Kiwibank chief economist Jarrod Kerr for the final time during the lock-down about whether the bounce-back on stock markets is justified given the economic damage still rolling through the global economy
Bernard and Jarrod - a believable rebound | Newsroom

The traditional NZ skiing season from June to October is under threat as resorts large and small grapple with prospects of a dramatic fall in numbers and surviving on locals alone with a pared down choice of trails and lifts. Jenny Ainge talks to three South Island managers who are hoping for Level 1.
Will we get a ski season?  | Newsroom

22 April 2020:

How can the share market rise while unemployment is also rising?  Alex Braee from The Spinoff explains with some help from Simon O’Grady, Chief Investment Officer at Kiwi Wealth. 
Unemployment is way up so why is the sharemarket rising too? | The Spinoff 

Despite downbeat economic predictions and an imminent global recession, the New Zealand recovery offers opportunities for entrepreneurial success that exceed anything we've seen for decades claims in this opinion piece. Covid-19 wealth of opportunities for NZ entrepreneurs after lockdown | RNZ

It’s been good and bad so far for couriers during lockdown – what’s the future hold?
Covid-19 bringing a mixed bag of results for courier companies | Newsroom

As New Zealand prepares to move out of level 4, we need to ask what kind of economy to we want to build in the future claims this opinion piece.
The case for putting local at the core of NZ's economic recovery | The Spinoff

16 April 2020:

There are concerns that there are gaps in the government’s data on Covid-19 that must be filled before a decision is made on reducing the lockdown level reports The Spinoff. 
Scientists raise concerns about critical gaps in Covid-19 data | The Spinoff 

Māori leaders fear their people will suffer higher than average rates of unemployment after the level four lockdown lifts reports RNZ
Fears Maori unemployment rates will surge after lockdown lifts | RNZ

The director of a South Island honey company is donating 21,000 jars of manuka honey to food banks and wants other companies to follow his example, writes Bonnie Sumner.
Sweet charity | Newsroom

Small businesses in New Zealand will get a $3 billion boost through tax breaks to help them ride out the worst of the impending economic crisis. Listen to a range of perspectives on RNZ
3 billion tax break to help small businesses survive Covid-19 crisis | RNZ

Allbirds has a radical new plan to put its carbon cost on every product | The Spinoff

14 April 2020:

According to this report, the lockdown designed to save lives has also damaged livelihoods by slowing the economy to a crawl.  Listen for the full story.
Your money or your life?  | RNZ

We’ve heard about what it’s like being at the frontline for many essential workers during lockdown including medical and supermarket stuff.  What’s it like for media?  Here’s some insight.
Another day of crisis inside the beehive bubble | Stuff

The public health response to Covid-19 showed New Zealand at its best but what will the economic response reveal asks this opinion piece.
The problem with the shovel ready strategy for post covid-19 rebuild | The Spinoff

As the official date for the end of lockdown moves closer a survey reveals how some New Zealanders are feeling about lockdown and the possibility of extending it further.  Listen to the full report.
Most New Zealanders are willing to extend Covid-19 lockdown pain -survey | RNZ

Are there opportunities arising out of Covid-19 to do better?   Xero founder Rod Drury suggest now the perfect time to be talking about how to make the economy greener in this opinion piece.
What we do now will shape New Zealand's future | Newsroom

9 April 2020:

With the official lockdown period remaining in place business leaders are asking the Government to provide greater clarity on how New Zealand will move out of lockdown in this report from Newsroom.
Businesses urge clarity of lockdown lift plans | Newsroom

Statistics show consumers dramatically changed their spending patterns last month because of Covid-19 and the government ordered lockdown.
Dramatic changes in consumer spending in March | Newsroom

Foreign citizens who have found themselves unemployed say they're trapped, with no access to benefits or any way back to their birth country reports Radio New Zealand
Broke and desperate govt accused of hypocrisy over jobless immigrants | RNZ

As countries in Europe plan to move out of lockdown, the World Health Organisation warns it is too early to relax strict measures in the fight against Covid-19, writes Peter Bale, a visiting London-based journalist stranded in NZ
Careful what you wish for ending lockdown | Newsroom

8 April 2020:

Times are tough but memories are long - how can businesses preserve their good reputations asks this opinion piece.
Reputations won and lost | Newsroom

Many small New Zealand food producers are struggling in the face of closed stores but shoppers can help according to this article.
How to support small local food businesses during lockdown | The Spinoff

There has been debate in the media over whether essential workers in the frontline should be paid more in recognition of  increased risk considering Covid-19. Here’s one opinion.
Why danger pay is not OK | Newsroom

For many shearing gangs it’s not business as usual under level 4 lockdown.  Here’s one insight into what it like for farmers.  
Where there's wool there's a way | Newsroom

6 April 2020:

Last week the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment changed some of the rules around the supply of essential non-food items.  What kinds of businesses are back trading online?
The list of essential products you can order under lockdown is growing | The Spinoff

In a Covid-19 world paywave has been suggested as a way for shoppers to minimise contact with essential workers when paying at places like supermarkets.  Yet many small shops still don’t have paywave.  Why asks this article. 
Why is no paywave still a thing in a Covid-19 world? | Newsroom

5 April 2020:

Tensions between tenants and landlords as a result of the financial impact of Covid-19 continue to make news.  Here’s one report from Newsroom.
Pay up mega shopping mall landlord warns tenants | Newsroom

Comedian Penny Ashton writes on the necessity of the arts, especially during lockdown.
Your taxes support artists and that's okay | The Spinoff

The Chatham Islands has no Covid-19 cases and it seems locals are keen to get things up and running again.
Chatham Islands hoping for early release from lockdown | Newsroom

3 April 2020:

Watch Bernard Hickey and Kiwibank Chief Economist Jarrod Kerr discuss US unemployment, an inspiring Kiwi app to fight Covid-19 globally and the state of the markets with Guest, Pie Funds chief executive Mike Taylor Bernard and Jarrod on a Kiwi app to fight Covid-19 globally and market swings | Newsroom

Stories about supermarkets have featured many times so far during Covid-19.  Here’s a very personal perspective from someone writing about her mum.
My mum on the frontline | The Spinoff

2 April 2020:

Backed with taxpayer guarantees, New Zealand's banks are offering up to a total of $6.25 billion in loans to businesses financially impacted by Covid-19.
Applications open for 625 billion of loans to struggling businesses | Stuff

April 1 was  the first commercial ‘rent due’ date since the country went into Covid-19 lockdown.  What’s this meant for business landlords and tenants all over New Zealand?
Does your business need to pay rent? | Newsroom

If you’re working from home in these Covid-19 lockdown times and internet security is top of mind this might be of interest.
Spending more time online?  Here's five ways to do it safely and privately | The Spinoff

31 March 2020:

As New Zealanders settle into life in lockdown cafes are missing their regulars and regulars are missing there favourite café.  Here’s something to think about.
Fighting to save our special cafes | Newsroom

For those who love understanding things like Covid-19 through data and visuals you might enjoy this.
Coronavirus charts and graphics | The Spinoff

Watch this video as Bernard Hickey (Newsroom) and Jarrod Kerr (Kiwibank Chief Economist) discuss the Reserve Bank’s latest move to help banks lends to corporates.
How banks and govt are working together to help corporates| Newsroom

29 March 2020:

Unfortunately challenging times can bring out the worst in people.  Some people are creating scams in an attempt to cash in on Covid-19.
Covid-19 scams - what to look out for | The Spinoff

If you’re a fan of nanogirl (aka Dr Michelle Dickinson ) don’t miss this podcast.
How nanogirl built an online learning platform in three days | The Spinoff

What’s it like working at the frontline providing health services during Covid-19?  Some voice their concerns.
Community and healthcare workers fear infection with PPE | Newsroom

27 March 2020:

Stories of people helping others are emerging in media as New Zealand continues to face the daily challenges of the impact of Covid-19.  If you’re the kind of person that’s keen to help this might be of interest.
How to help, volunteer or donate to the fight again Covid-19 | The Spinoff

26 March 2020:

A team of volunteers have built and launched an app aimed at helping unite New Zealanders to help each other through Covid-19.
Tech maverick fast tracks SME help site | Newsroom
Help is here:  a new kiwi skill sharing app to help during Covid-19 | The Spinoff

A $6.25 billion Business Finance Guarantee Scheme for small and medium sized business aims to protect jobs and support the economy as well offer as a six-month mortgage repayment holiday to some New Zealanders in need.  Find out more by listening to this interview with Kiwibank Chief Economist Jarrod Kerr.
New scheme aims to shore up small and medium sized businesses | RNZ

Much has been reported about the negative impact of Covid-19 on the economy. When it comes to climate change it’s not necessarily all bad according to this opinion piece.
Let's never return to normal | Newsroom

25 March 2020:

The lockdown will disrupt everyday lives and the economy but what’s the alternative asks Rod Oram in this opinion piece.
We can't resurrect people we can restore the economy | Newsroom

24 March 2020:

Leaders from some of the country's essential industries are giving an assurance they will able to provide the goods and services to get people through the Covid-19 lockdown.
Essential services promise to get people through | Noted

23 March 2020:

The media continues to report widely on the financial impact of Covid-19.  What about climate change asks the author of this opinion piece.
Spend billions on jobs but save climate too | Newsroom

22 March 2020

In these uncertain times some New Zealand businesses are coming up with surprising and practical ways to help tackle the spread of Covid-19.
From vodka to hand sanitiser, boutique distilleries switch up to tackle Covid-19 | The Spinoff

All over New Zealand businesses are feeling the impact of a sudden decline in international tourism. Here's insight from one town in the South Island.
Covid-19 impacts Wanaka | Stuff

21 March 2020:

The negative impact of Covid-19 on the economy and business continues to be widely reported. Is there a positive side?
Two Cents Worth: Covid-19's silver lining | Newsroom

Many businesses throughout New Zealand are facing challenging times. Here’s something to consider.
Buy local and help keep fellow New Zealanders in jobs during Covid-19 | The Spinoff

19 March 2020:

The student community in Christchurch helped people in need in Christchurch post-earthquake and again after the Mosque attacks. Now the student volunteer arm is back again lending a helping hand during Covid-19.
Covid-19 student volunteer army launched in Wellington | RNZ

Want to understand what’s happening in the markets and what it means for the economy?
A crash course in money trading and why Covid-19 is smashing our economy | The Spinoff

16 March 2020:

As Covid-19 continues to influence decisions around border restrictions on the movement of people and goods at home and abroad, how will New Zealand business and trade be affected? Listen to an expert’s view in this podcast.
Two Cents’ Worth: Covid-19, business and trade | Newsroom

One last word

And finally, times of uncertainty can bring out the best and the worst in people. Some information is useful and helpful – some isn’t. We think it’s important to provide credible information that is useful and responsible. We hope you agree.

Misinformation, disinformation and just plain lies about Covid-19 are boiling up on the Internet and spilling over into real life writes Peter Bale in this opinion piece.  Lies and the lying liars who tell them | Newsroom

An alarming number of NZ entrepreneurs are becoming amateur epidermiologists | The Spinoff/RNZ

How to talk to people who spread myths about global pandemics | The Spinoff

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