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In case you missed it: Covid-19 perspectives

August 27, 2020

A round up of accessible reads relating to finance, health and the economy.


                                                                                               Image by Toby Morris for The Spinoff

As Auckland returns to Covid Level 2.5 and the rest of New Zealand stays on Level 2 we bring you some updates.  We share our pick of articles and explainers on what Covid-19 means for New Zealand and New Zealanders in the areas of finance, health and the economy. We hope it’s been useful in these extraordinary times.

Head straight to your area of interest by clicking on the themes below: 

The latest word from Kiwi Wealth

25 August 2020:

A financial advice firm wants the KiwiSaver Default Fund scheme done away with, saying people should instead be given financial advice to choose a fund for themselves at the time of sign up. Kiwi Wealth’s KiwiSaver head of Product Melissa Vasta gives our view:

Listen on Business news August 24 | RNZ

Calls to scrap KiwiSaver default scheme | RNZ

14 August 2020:

Aotearoa surpassed 100 days without a case of community transmission of Covid-19. Last night that virus-free streak ended and we’re moving back up the alert levels. Siouxsie Wiles explains why that has to happen.
Siouxsie Wiles & Toby Morris: Don't panic. We can do this. Together | The Spinoff

Auckland moves back into near lockdown at Level 3 while the rest of the country shifts gears to Level 2. Here's a refresher course on what you'll have to do differently now.
What do levels 2 and 3 mean again | Newsroom

Throughout lockdown we are still here to offer timely and helpful advice and supportWe've also answered some of your most frequently asked KiwiSaver FAQs

An early KiwiSaver withdrawal is available for people having significant difficulties meeting their day to day living costs. Find out if you meet the criteria for a KiwiSaver Significant Financial Hardship Withdrawal.
KiwiSaver Significant Financial Hardship Withdrawal | Kiwi Wealth

Money and finance

28 August 2020:

Listen to Melissa Vasta, general manager retail and product at Kiwi Wealth speaking with Frances Cook on the latest Cooking the Books podcast about how Covid-19 has shaped money management for a new generation.
Frances Cook Cooking the Books podcast on how Covid-19 has changed money habits | NZ Herald

In 2015 Kendall Flutey developed Banqer, software that simulates real world money handling for secondary students. Ms Flutey's programme is a practical teaching tool enabling students to learn about the core principles of personal finance. Seven Sharp's Rachael Parker found out how students at Rolleston College use Banqer to get practice at money management for life after school. 
NZ school students gain real world financial experience through Banqer | TVNZ

24 August 2020: 

Despite the economic downturn, recent months have seen more everyday New Zealanders investing their money than ever before. But why?
How lockdown made us rethink how we save and invest | The Spinoff

Many New Zealanders lack the skills, motivation and self-insight to sort out their money lives, a survey from the Government’s money skills agency shows.
Kiwis are clueless careless and deluded about money and retirement savings | Stuff

A financial advice firm wants the KiwiSaver Default Fund scheme done away with, saying people should instead be given financial advice to choose a fund for themselves at the time of sign up. Kiwi Wealth’s KiwiSaver head of Product Melissa Vasta gives our view:
Business news August 24 | RNZ

Calls to scrap KiwiSaver default scheme | RNZ

Passive KiwiSaver managers are no cheaper than active ones and fees overall are too high, a report by the Financial Markets Authority has found.
KiiwiSavers not getting value for money says FMA report | Business Desk

18 August 2020:

Do you qualify for the government’s new wage subsidy extension? Here are the essentials.
wage subsidy extension details - here's how it works | The Spinoff

13 August 2020

Finance Minister Grant Robertson has met with Treasury officials to consider regionally targeted economic support for Auckland, should the level 3 lockdown last beyond Friday.
Govt considers wage subsidy for Auckland if lockdown persists | Stuff

12 August 2020:

Kiwibank said all its branches and business banking centres from Wellsford to Pukekohe would also be closed today and warned of possible changes in hours in branches outside of Auckland. "At this stage there are no changes to branch hours operating across the rest of New Zealand, but this is subject to change."
Banks close Auckland branches to prepare for 3-day lockdown

What do they do? Do I really need one? And how much do they cost? Gillian Boyes from the Financial Markets Authority breaks down the basics.
The complete guide to finding and using a financial adviser | The Spinoff

Good habits start young, and with Money Week this week, now is a great time to look at how we can support and nourish our kids’ financial journeys writes Banqer’s Simon Brown. 
Kids need to learn about money - Here's a few ways of doing it at home | The Spinoff

8 June 2020:

A lot of people are boosting their income taking on a side hustle and they’re not just millennials – even GenXers and Baby Boomers are getting in on the action reports Nikki Mandow in this podcast
two cents worth podcast - a side hustle story | Newsroom/RNZ

KiwiSaver balance drops prompted people to think more about investment opportunities according to this piece in Stuff
Kiwis use lockdown to learn how to invest | Stuff

11 May 2020:

With widespread talk about a recession post Covid-19 what can we do to protect ourselves? Accountant and financial blogger Sam Harith offers some thoughts.
A guide to surviving the upcoming recession | The Spinoff

7 May 2020:

What's a mortgage holiday mean in practice?  One bank (Kiwibank) responds.
Is a mortgage holiday as fun as it sounds? | The Spinoff

Listen to Frances Cook’s latest ‘Cooking the books’ podcast as she attempts to break some myths around KiwiSaver.
Worrying KiwiSaver myths busted | NZ Herald podcast

1 May 2020:

Peter Cordtz from the Commission for Financial Capability on whether or not New Zealanders should have easier access to our KiwiSaver funds.
Peter Cordtz on easing up of Kiwisaver access conditions | Newstalk ZB

30 April 2020:

Kiwibank answers questions about Covid-19’s impact on New Zealanders’ finances
I own a small business. What do I do now? | The Spinoff

24 April 2020:

From next month, KiwiSaver annual statements will include a projected amount for KiwiSaver savings, shown as a weekly dollar value of income in retirement. 
Industry wide change will show KiwiSaver balance forecast to age 65 | Newshub

22 April 2020:

Answering hundreds of calls a day from anxious KiwiSaver investors, Kiwi Wealth’s head of customer services Matt Beach paints a picture of how some New Zealanders are handling the Covid-19 downturn.
What it's like to field your KiwiSaver concerns during Covid-19 | The Spinoff

16 April 2020:

Frances Cook looks at how to weigh up whether you need to drain your KiwiSaver to survive Covid-19 in this podcast
'Cooking the books' podcast - KiwiSaver and Covid-19 | NZ Herald

14 April 2020:

Covid-19 has impacted different people in different ways.  Here’s one perspective.
Economic turmoil from Covid-19 massively reduces wealth of the super-rich | Stuff

9 April 2020:

More than 30,000 New Zealanders are using online share trading platform Hatch and sign ups have increased 50%.  Bernard Hickey finds out why in this video for Newsroom.
Investors flock to Hatch and into global market | Newsroom

6 April 2020:

Fortunes can be lost or made in volatile markets. Listen to this Two Cents Worth podcast to find out how some 'amateur' investors are navigating these times. 
Riding the sharemarket rollercoaster in Covid-19 | Newsroom & RNZ

3 April 2020:

If you’re approaching retirement and worried about the effect of Covid-19 on your investment and cashflow in the short-term this might help.
Worried you're caught short in retirement because of Covid-19? | Kiwi Wealth

What’s it like investing in a bear market?  Here’s one perspective.
Making the most of the Covid-19 market dip | Hatch

If you’re considering taking up the offer of a mortgage holiday because of the impact of Covid-19 this might be useful.
Things to know before you consider a mortgage holiday | Stuff

22 March 2020:

Why are investment experts including Kiwi Wealth reminding investors of the value in taking a long term view of investing? This opinion piece gives one perspective.
How to profit from stock market carnage | Stuff

20 March 2020:

If you’re worried about the sudden drop in your KiwiSaver balance this might be of interest.
The government isn’t stealing from your KiwiSaver | Stuff

16 March 2020:

As global share markets plunge the financial impact of Covid-19 has really hit home for many everyday Kiwi investors who are seeing a sudden dip in the value of their investments. The overall message from the experts is keep calm and hang in there.
Should I panic and sell or hold tight? | Newsroom

Health and well-being

28 August:

Will I get fined? Can I use a scarf? And what about on the school bus? All your questions about face masks on public transport, answered here.
All I need to know about NZ;s new face mask rules | The Spinoff

The Government is allocating major money to ensure New Zealand can access a safe and effective Covid-19 vaccine as soon as it becomes available.
NZ gets in line for Covid-19 vaccine | Newsroom

Down the rabbit hole and onto Instagram Stories, some of New Zealand’s most popular influencers are now regularly using their platforms to peddle fake news and conspiracy theories that could endanger public health. Jihee Junn finds out what consequences, if any, there are for those actively spreading mistruths.
Influencers are spreading dangerous misinformation and there's little we can do about it | The Spinoff

Analysis: Modelling on the effectiveness of digital contact tracing solutions shows they are an important tool in our arsenal, but won't solve the problem on their own, Marc Daalder reports
Here's what we need in a digital contact tracing solution | Newsroom

If you’re worried about getting a Covid-19 test because of fears of going into quarantine, don’t be. Here’s what you need to know, to make one scary thing a little less scary.
If you've tested positive for Covid here's what happens next | The Spinoff

24 August 2020:

The first time around, lockdown birthed a wave of artisan bread makers and K-Fry truthers. This time, it’s the crafts people’s turn. 
In lockdown 2.0 sewing is the new sourdough | The Spinoff

Different countries are pursuing different strategies for taking on Covid-19. Despite the re-emergence of the virus, and the sacrifices our response demands, it remains absolutely the best approach for us, writes Siouxsie Wiles.
Siouxsie Wiles on why covid elimination remains the best game plan for NZ | The Spinoff

Ngāti Whātua Ōrākei is distributing more than $1.5 million among its members, despite the impacts of Covid-19. Ngati Whatua Orakei distributes 15 million to 3000 people | Stuff

With the re-emergence of Covid-19 in Aotearoa, here’s a reminder of what some of the most important epidemiology terms we’re hearing actually mean.
Siouxsie Wiles & toby Morris: contacts, community transmission and clusters - explained | The Spinoff

18 August 2020:

New Zealand has opted for an elimination strategy, but a vocal minority is calling for an alternative approach that would see an end to lockdowns and borders loosened. Dr Siouxsie Wiles explains why that would be a bad idea.
They say learn to live with Covid-19 Siouxsie Wiles view | The Spinoff 

Analysis: Pundits want to see New Zealand ditch its elimination goal in favour of a Sweden-style herd immunity strategy. What would that look like? Marc Daalder reports
Covid19 - why NZ shouldn't go Sweden's way | Newsroom

Much has been made of digital divide, but as Justin Latif has observed in his role as a board of trustee member of Māngere Central School, schools in the area are making big strides to ensure students aren’t left behind.
How my daughter's Mangere primary is bridging the digital divide | The Spinoff

Analysis: The return of Covid-19 to New Zealand has been accompanied by conspiracy theories about the virus and the Government's response. How big a problem is this and what can - or should - we do about it? 
Infodemic evolves as Covid19 returns to NZ | Newsroom

The identification of the family at the centre of the latest Covid-19 outbreak as Pasifika served no health purpose and caused hurt and anguish in the community, writes Kim Meredith
Naming and blaming Pasifika | Newsroom

14 August 2020:

Coronavirus is back in our community, bringing with it anxiety, fear and uncertainty. If you’re feeling like you can’t face going through it all over again, here are some coping strategies. 
Looking after your mental health during the resurgence | The Spinoff

What’s the science behind the changed position on mask use? Farah Hancock reports.
The latest science behind universal face masks | Newsroom

To hear that the country was going back into Level 2, and Auckland to Level 3, sparked something akin to despair for many. Today on The Detail, Victoria University of Wellington clinical psychologist Dr Dougal Sutherland talks us through the issues likely to arise from this glitch in our battle against Covid-19.
The feat in going backwards | Newsroom/RNZ

A new New Zealand-made drama about life in lockdown was dropped from Prime’s schedule, just days before it was due to start. What’s going on?
Inside the lockdown TV drama Prime wants to keep locked away | The Spinoff

Writer Justin Latif takes the temperature of his community in South Auckland, ground zero for the latest Covid-19 outbreak.
Second time around South Aucklanders feel anxious but much more ready | The Spinoff

12 August 2020:

What kind of mask do you need, and where do you get one? Here’s The Spinoff’s guide to masking up to help crush Covid-19 once and for all. 
Everything you need to know about buying and making face masks | The Spinoff

Director-General of Health Ashley Bloomfield says the Government will sequence the genomes of yesterday's four Covid-19 cases to help identify how the outbreak started. What does that mean?
How geonomics will help us track Covid-19 | Newsroom

The Science Media Centre asked New Zealand based experts to comment on the new Covid-19 cases in New Zealand.
New Covid-19 cases in NZ community - expert reaction | Science Media Centre

8 June 2020:

It’s a return to (nearly) normal as New Zealand moves to alert level one and the country is declared free of known cases of Covid-19. Justin Giovannetti reports from parliament as the decision was made.
We are ready Jacinda Adern declares a move to end restrictions | The Spinoff

Covid-19 has given rise to a new era of remote working, potentially opening up more income, and regions, to New Zealand’s freelance economy. 
remote working could change whre and how we earn a living | The Spinoff

17 May 2020:

Call it unity, or solidarity, or kotahitanga, Covid-19 made us realise something we’ve known all along: we are all responsible for one another. There is a chance we can now act with common purpose to address intergenerational inequality. For older people, this means curtailing some of our choices, writes public health expert Charlotte Paul.
Covid-19 and the common good | The Spinoff

13 May 2020:

Thousands of New Zealand office workers will be able to leave their homes and return to work under alert level 2, but with restrictions.
Covid 19 coronavirus: Thousands of office workers to return with restrictions, how lives will change | NZ Herald 

6 May 2020:

Covid-19 has forced employers to explore comprehensive measures for a danger they never would have anticipated. But what about the worker’s other rights?  A lawyer gives his view in this opinion piece.
Covid-19 is not a free pass to breach employment rights | Stuff

According to some health professionals Covid-19 has never been a better time to talk about death….
Covid-19 and conversations around death | Newsroom

1 May 2020:

GP Dr Lucy O’Hagen writes about the heroic perception of doctors right now, from one who is out there on the front lines
On not being Ashley | The Spinoff

30 April 2020

For an urban view of lockdown check out these videos of our largest city Auckland and our capital city Wellington from above.
Watch Wellington in lockdown from above | The Spinoff

How did the name Covid-19 come about?  Find out more in this short video featuring Siouxsie Wiles.
Where did the name Covid-19 come from? | The Spinoff

24 April 2020:

This year the usual Anzac Day services won’t be happening across New Zealand because of lockdown. Journalist Allan Ramsay remembers his grandfather’s version of the Anzac story.
Absent without leave | Newsroom

New Zealand is pursuing an ‘elimination’ strategy to counter the coronavirus pandemic but as Siouxsie Wiles and Toby Morris explain ‘elimination’ in science terms doesn’t necessarily mean the same as its common meaning.
What do we mean when we talk about the elimination of Covid-19 | The Spinoff

22 April 2020:

Lockdown has impacted us in all kinds of ways – some more obvious than others according to this piece on The Spinoff.
Eleven ways life has changed in lockdown New Zealand | The Spinoff

16 April 2020:

Feeling stressed during lockdown? This free app launched by John Kirwan might be of interest.
Virtual mental health coach to help you get through lockdown | The Spinoff

Lockdown has given many New Zealanders a taste of what it’s like to live in cities and towns without many cars on the streets.  What could this mean for the way we design and move around our cities and towns in the future?  Here’s one opinion.
Enjoying the people friendly streets of lockdown | The Spinoff

14 April 2020:

The impact of a pandemic like coronavirus is far reaching.  Can you prepare for a pandemic? Here’s one view.
How do you prepare for a pandemic? | The Spinoff

6 April 2020:

As we head into another week of lockdown how well equipped are you to work from home in terms of physical comfort? Here’s some advice that might help.
How to work from home without wrecking your back | The Spinoff

5 April 2020:

What it’s like to access and provide essential medical care under alert level four? Medical centres across the country are condensing services, moving online and ushering in pandemic plans reportsThe Spinoff.
The squeeze on healthcare in locked down NZ | The Spinoff

3 April 2020:

How long does it take to recover from Covid-19 and how do you know you’ve recovered?
What does recovered mean? | Newsroom

2 April 2020:

What’s the effect of theCovid-19 lockdown on women and what could the world of work look like post Covid-19? Bernard Hickey, Kiwibank Economist Mary Jo Vergara The Workshop's public policy economist Jess Berentson-Shaw
How Covid-19 hits women hardest |  Newsroom

What’s the role of alcohol during times of crisis like Covid-19? Read this opinion piece for one perspective.
Booze is not your pandemic friend | The Spinoff

31 March 2020:

One of the first people you’ll meet if you think you have Covid-19 are nurses.  What’s it like for them at the frontline?
I'm scared too - a nurse on life on the frontline of Covid-19 | The Spinoff

Lockdown is challenging for all of us including those living with disabilities.  Here’s an opinion piece on what’s needed to support disabled people now and in the future.
Disabled people can't be allowed to fall through the cracks of the Covid-19 crisis | The Spinoff

26 March 2020:

If you’re unsure what the bubble analogy means and how it works this Q & A might help.
What is a bubble and how does it work | The Spinoff

23 March 2020:

The physical symptoms of Covid-19 are widely reported.  But what about people’s mental health in these challenging times? Here’s some insights.
Focus on mental health to cope with Covid-19 stressors | RNZ

21 March 2020:

Many New Zealanders are in self-isolation. Is it possible to be social while being alone?
How to keep your friends while keeping your distance | The Spinoff

19 March 2020:

And how do you know if you’ve got the virus? What testing is involved? 
Siouxsie Wiles on how testing for Covid-19 works | The Spinoff

17 March 2020:

What exactly is Covid-19 in scientific terms and how can you best protect yourself from it? Dr Ayesha Verrall answers some everyday questions in this recording of the live Q & A.
Covid-19 Q & A | Newsroom

Business and the economy

28 August 2020:

Bernard Hickey writes the Covid-19 crisis has again proven there’s one type of asset that New Zealanders know in their bones is too big and important to be allowed to crash: housing
Our housing market is too big to fail | Newsroom

Listen to The Detail as it looks at how the Covid 19 crisis has hit women hard, with latest employment figures showing 90 percent of those who lost their jobs in the three months from April to June were women. Covid-19 where are the jobs for women? | RNZ 

The first half of the year saw an increase in reports of cyber security incidents, new data shows.
Data suggests NZ more aware of cyber threats during pandemic | Newsroom

The first-ever annual drop in Kiwis' incomes has been driven by plummeting pay for the self-employed, new figures show.
The workers who've lost the most income thanks to Covid | Newshub

Hit hard by the pandemic, lockdown and disappearing revenues, Herald publisher NZME regathered, cut costs and with the support of government millions has reported an increased profit for the first half of the year.
Never let a good crisis go to waste | Newsroom

24 August 2020:

An updated public health order from Health Minister Chris Hipkins makes clear that businesses are not required to contact trace under Level 2, unlike in May, Marc Daalder reports
Contact tracing no longer required under level 2 | Newsroom

Auckland businesses say they were better prepared to operate under level 3 than the first time.
How bad has lockdown 3 really been for business | Stuff

A range of new measures are under consideration, covering the border, isolation and testing. Siouxsie Wiles assesses the options, and the opposition proposals.
What does a robust covid response look like for NZ? | The Spinoff

As a second Covid wave hits the country we are gearing up - but some of that PPE gear including gloves and masks could have reached New Zealand via slave labour factories in Asia
The hidden cost of our PPE gear | Newsroom

Retail sales slumped over the past three months as the Covid-19 pandemic hit spending.
Unprecedented fall in retail sales in June quarter | RNZ

18 August 2020:

Listen to Kathryn Ryan discussing the impact of the latest lockdown on the Auckland economy and the broader New Zealand economy with Brad Olsen from Infometrics, and Jarrod Kerr, Chief Economist with Kiwibank.
Economic impact of latest lockdown | RNZ

It could prove even harder to get landlords and tenants in Auckland to come to an equitable agreement over commercial rents this time around - now that landlords know what the endgame is - sounding a death knell for many local businesses 
Rent saga a death knell for some Auckland businesses | Newsroom

The Government has been borrowing a lot of money to support households and companies through the Covid-19 economic crisis.But where’s it borrowing that money from?
Who's the government borrowing money from to pay for the covid19 response | Stuff

 14 August 2020:

The impacts of returning to level 2 will be a "kick in the guts" for South Island businesses which were just getting back on their feet.
South Island businesses suffer as alert level rises | RNZ

As Auckland confronts a second round of community transmission, the gap between predictions and reality might hold clues that can help government and business safeguard the economy.
Why the forecasters got it so wrong on covid unemployment rate | NZ Herald/Spinoff

Photographers John Sefton, in Auckland, and Lynn Grieveson in Wellington watched the return of Level 3 lockdown and Level 2 restrictions on Wednesday, a day of masks, businesses shutting or setting themselves up for limited access, supermarket queues and people exercising their relative freedoms.
Covid 19 return to lockdown photo essay | Newsroom

During the worst days of the Covid-19 outbreak in New Zealand, Matamata was right at the heart of it all. Alex Braae went to the Waikato town to ask people how they’re getting on now.
How Matamata and Hobbiton are picking up after Covid | The Spinoff

12 August 2020:

Today at noon, Auckland moves into alert level three while the rest of New Zealand moves into alert level two. Here’s how it will affect businesses and what you can do to help.
Three ways to support local businesses over the next few days | The Spinoff

As the Government mulls how the latest Covid-19 cases might affect the September 19 election, party leaders are stepping forward with their own opinions about how the news changes the campaign - including Judith Collins calling to delay the election. 
Politicians clash over Covid's election impact | Newsroom

8 June 2020:

Spinoff cartoonist Toby Morris travels to Waitomo to see first hand the impact of Covid-19 on one of New Zealand's oldest tourist destinations.
The side eye - the tunnel of the lights | The Spinoff

A slight bounce in the economy is brightening the outlook as the country heads into the winter months and anticipates alert level 1.
economic outlook looks brighter but still terrible | RNZ

Kiwis abroad are investigating the prospect of buying property back home.Real estate agents and a moving company have reported increased offshore enquiries, while online traffic data is up for realestate.co.nz and Immigration New Zealand's 'buying a home' page.
overseas kiwis plan to buy homes in nz sooner than they thought | Stuff

Will food tourism facilitate our reconnections with friends and families throughout New Zealand, and provide interesting diversions on our road trips through the country, or will it just be for the ‘foodies’ who can afford luxury experiences?
Could food and drink save our tourism industry? | Newsroom

17 May 2020:

Finance Minister Grant Robertson says the pandemic is a "one-in-100-year event" which demands record spending.  But is it going to be enough? The Two Cents' Worth team dissects the Budget.
Two cents worth podcast:  Will the budget protect us? | RNZ/Newsroom

Budget 2020: In the midst of a pandemic, and with New Zealand beginning the long road to recovery, today’s budget was heralded as potentially the most momentous in a generation. So what did the experts think?
Budget 2020 the great spinoff hot take roundtable | The Spinoff

Treasury is forecasting the Government’s ongoing “rolling maul” of Covid-19 response spending will increase net debt by $140b to $200b in the next four years, but Grant Robertson argues younger taxpayers shouldn’t worry too much. Bernard Hickey analyses the biggest spending Budget in history and sees much, much more borrowing to come, but that’s OK. 
Inside a 200b rolling maul of debt | Newsroom

Finance Minister Grant Robertson called the $50 billion dollar Budget the “most significant commitment by a New Zealand government in modern history”. Opposition parties say the budget doesn’t have a clear plan to get the country back on track and it’s “throwing money at our problems”. Here are the key points according to RE : TVNZ
Budget 2020 in the wake of Covid-19 | RE TVNZ

The projection that by 2023 debt will be more than 50 percent of GDP would pose a risk for most nations, let alone a small island nation very much dependent on global economic trends, writes Ananish Chaudhuri in this opinion piece.
Budgets worrying debt to gdp red flags | Newsroom

11 May 2020:

As the economic impacts from COVID-19 continue to take a toll and with a rise in unemployment expected, an economist says Kiwis over-65 that are still in jobs could retire now to ease some of the pain.
Coronavirus unemployment could be eased if employed over 65s retire | Newshub

Rod Oram picks apart the argument that the lesson of Covid-19 is that we should become more self-sufficient and less reliant on the global economy in his opinion piece.
More global cooperation not less | Newsroom

7 May 2020:

The new fast-track process for major projects will need careful drafting to balance the short-term gains with the long-term effects on climate change, writes planning expert Hamish Rennie.
The sprint to shovel must not ignore the marathon | The Spinoff

1 May 2020:

Two years ago, Toby Morris met Tasia, a supermarket checkout worker. As New Zealand emerges from the strict Covid-19 lockdown of alert level four he catches up with her again, and finds that while some things have changed, others have not.
The side eye comic - essential worker | The Spinoff

Manufacturing has taken on new importance after Covid-19 and advocates say a new report shows it needs more attention, Dileepa Fonseka reports
Manufacturing matters | Newsroom

30 April 2020:

Covid-19 has created the perfect storm for Queenstown's economy, and the usually buoyant property market is not immune, writes Paul Taylor
Crisis chills Queenstown's white hot property market | Newsroom

How are businesses adapting to reopening amidst Level 3?  Here’s a snapshot of what some businesses are doing in Palmerston North.
Businesses improvise, adapt and overcome as customers emerge from lockdown | Stuff

24 April 2020:

The month-long Covid-19 lockdown forced many businesses and government departments to use remote working technologies for the first time, and it's a revelation for many. Listen to Bernard Hickey’s podcast on how our national 'Green Eggs and Ham' moment could jumpstart our adoption of digital technology and productivity.
Our giant green eggs and ham moment | Newsroom podcast

22 April 2020:

How can the share market rise while unemployment is also rising? Alex Braee from The Spinoff explains with some help from Simon O’Grady, Chief Investment Officer at Kiwi Wealth. 
Unemployment is way up so why is the sharemarket rising too? | The Spinoff 

Despite downbeat economic predictions and an imminent global recession, the New Zealand recovery offers opportunities for entrepreneurial success that exceed anything we've seen for decades claims in this opinion piece. Covid-19 wealth of opportunities for NZ entrepreneurs after lockdown | RNZ

It’s been good and bad so far for couriers during lockdown – what’s the future hold?
Covid-19 bringing a mixed bag of results for courier companies | Newsroom

16 April 2020:

Māori leaders fear their people will suffer higher than average rates of unemployment after the level four lockdown lifts reports RNZ
Fears Maori unemployment rates will surge after lockdown lifts | RNZ

Small businesses in New Zealand will get a $3 billion boost through tax breaks to help them ride out the worst of the impending economic crisis. Listen to a range of perspectives on RNZ
3 billion tax break to help small businesses survive Covid-19 crisis | RNZ

14 April 2020:

The public health response to Covid-19 showed New Zealand at its best but what will the economic response reveal asks this opinion piece.
The problem with the shovel ready strategy for post covid-19 rebuild | The Spinoff

Are there opportunities arising out of Covid-19 to do better? Xero founder Rod Drury suggest now the perfect time to be talking about how to make the economy greener in this opinion piece.
What we do now will shape New Zealand's future | Newsroom

9 April 2020:

Statistics show consumers dramatically changed their spending patterns last month because of Covid-19 and the government ordered lockdown.
Dramatic changes in consumer spending in March | Newsroom

Foreign citizens who have found themselves unemployed say they're trapped, with no access to benefits or any way back to their birth country reports Radio New Zealand
Broke and desperate govt accused of hypocrisy over jobless immigrants | RNZ

8 April 2020:

Times are tough but memories are long - how can businesses preserve their good reputations asks this opinion piece.
Reputations won and lost | Newsroom

Many small New Zealand food producers are struggling in the face of closed stores but shoppers can help according to this article.
How to support small local food businesses during lockdown | The Spinoff

6 April 2020:

Last week the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment changed some of the rules around the supply of essential non-food items.  What kinds of businesses are back trading online?
The list of essential products you can order under lockdown is growing | The Spinoff

In a Covid-19 world paywave has been suggested as a way for shoppers to minimise contact with essential workers when paying at places like supermarkets.  Yet many small shops still don’t have paywave.  Why asks this article. 
Why is no paywave still a thing in a Covid-19 world? | Newsroom

5 April 2020:

Comedian Penny Ashton writes on the necessity of the arts, especially during lockdown.
Your taxes support artists and that's okay | The Spinoff

The Chatham Islands has no Covid-19 cases and it seems locals are keen to get things up and running again.
Chatham Islands hoping for early release from lockdown | Newsroom

3 April 2020:

Stories about supermarkets have featured many times so far during Covid-19.  Here’s a very personal perspective from someone writing about her mum.
My mum on the frontline | The Spinoff

2 April 2020:

Backed with taxpayer guarantees, New Zealand's banks are offering up to a total of $6.25 billion in loans to businesses financially impacted by Covid-19.
Applications open for 625 billion of loans to struggling businesses | Stuff

If you’re working from home in these Covid-19 lockdown times and internet security is top of mind this might be of interest.
Spending more time online?  Here's five ways to do it safely and privately | The Spinoff

31 March 2020:

For those who love understanding things like Covid-19 through data and visuals you might enjoy this.
Coronavirus charts and graphics | The Spinoff

29 March 2020:

Unfortunately challenging times can bring out the worst in people.  Some people are creating scams in an attempt to cash in on Covid-19.
Covid-19 scams - what to look out for | The Spinoff

What’s it like working at the frontline providing health services during Covid-19?  Some voice their concerns.
Community and healthcare workers fear infection with PPE | Newsroom

26 March 2020:

A $6.25 billion Business Finance Guarantee Scheme for small and medium sized business aims to protect jobs and support the economy as well offer as a six-month mortgage repayment holiday to some New Zealanders in need.  Find out more by listening to this interview with Kiwibank Chief Economist Jarrod Kerr.
New scheme aims to shore up small and medium sized businesses | RNZ

Much has been reported about the negative impact of Covid-19 on the economy. When it comes to climate change it’s not necessarily all bad according to this opinion piece.
Let's never return to normal | Newsroom

25 March 2020:

The lockdown will disrupt everyday lives and the economy but what’s the alternative asks Rod Oram in this opinion piece.
We can't resurrect people we can restore the economy | Newsroom

24 March 2020:

Leaders from some of the country's essential industries are giving an assurance they will able to provide the goods and services to get people through the Covid-19 lockdown.
Essential services promise to get people through | Noted

23 March 2020:

The media continues to report widely on the financial impact of Covid-19.  What about climate change asks the author of this opinion piece.
Spend billions on jobs but save climate too | Newsroom

22 March 2020

In these uncertain times some New Zealand businesses are coming up with surprising and practical ways to help tackle the spread of Covid-19.
From vodka to hand sanitiser, boutique distilleries switch up to tackle Covid-19 | The Spinoff

21 March 2020:

The negative impact of Covid-19 on the economy and business continues to be widely reported. Is there a positive side?
Two Cents Worth: Covid-19's silver lining | Newsroom

Many businesses throughout New Zealand are facing challenging times. Here’s something to consider.
Buy local and help keep fellow New Zealanders in jobs during Covid-19 | The Spinoff

19 March 2020:

Want to understand what’s happening in the markets and what it means for the economy?
A crash course in money trading and why Covid-19 is smashing our economy | The Spinoff

16 March 2020:

As Covid-19 continues to influence decisions around border restrictions on the movement of people and goods at home and abroad, how will New Zealand business and trade be affected? Listen to an expert’s view in this podcast.
Two Cents’ Worth: Covid-19, business and trade | Newsroom

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And finally, times of uncertainty can bring out the best and the worst in people. Some information is useful and helpful – some isn’t. We think it’s important to provide credible information that is useful and responsible. We hope you agree.

Misinformation, disinformation and just plain lies about Covid-19 are boiling up on the Internet and spilling over into real life writes Peter Bale in this opinion piece.  Lies and the lying liars who tell them | Newsroom

An alarming number of NZ entrepreneurs are becoming amateur epidermiologists | The Spinoff/RNZ

How to talk to people who spread myths about global pandemics | The Spinoff

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