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Hatch adds hundreds of foreign shares

February 6, 2019


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Kiwi Wealth’s digital investment platform now gives investors new foreign share investment options with access to ADR products.

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Hatch, Kiwi Wealth’s new digital platform giving Kiwis direct access to the United States share markets, now allows investors to access publicly-traded international companies that are listed on US exchanges as American Depositary Receipts (ADRs).

“Through ADRs, we’re now giving Kiwis the opportunity to invest in publicly traded companies from 35 countries including China, Japan, Germany and the United Kingdom,” says Hatch general manager Kristen Lunman.

“Kiwi investors will now be able to access even more internationally recognised companies such as Alibaba, Weibo, Nokia and Unilever. This means they can further diversify their portfolios by investing in global companies through the US share markets.

“This is just another way we’re providing access to world-class investments all in one place.”

ADRs are created when US depository banks buy shares in a foreign company listed on a foreign share market and repackages them to list on the US share markets. Each ADR represents a specific number of shares in a foreign company determined by the bank issuing the ADR.

Launched in September last year, Hatch’s total investments have now surpassed $6 million.  

“We’re really pleased with Hatch’s growth trajectory,” says Lunman. “It shows there’s a real demand from Kiwis who want to self-direct their investments and access US listed companies and exchange-traded funds, without the hassle and costs of the traditional brokerage model.” 

Hatch is available to New Zealand investors at www.hatchinvest.nz.

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