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Happy Birthday Managed Funds

June 8, 2020

We've reached some incredible milestones since Kiwi Wealth Managed Funds started and are making some changes to make it an even more flexible investment option. 

money tree with falling dollars and people picking from itOur Managed Funds are about to celebrate their birthday and what a year it’s been: first Brexit, then a record Dow Jones high in February 2020 followed by a huge drop only three weeks later thanks to a global pandemic.

Since July 1 2019 we’ve also reached some incredible milestones too.

Some Managed Funds milestones 

  • Over 2,500 accounts have been opened by more than 2,000 investors.
  • Almost $50m of funds under management (and growing!)
  • Almost 400 customers have chosen Managed Funds to help towards their retirement savings goals
  • Almost 300 customers are using their Managed Funds to help save towards their property goals
  • Over 200 customers are squirreling some money aside for a rainy day

We've also listened to our customers and are continuing efforts to make the investment journey with us even better - that's why from June 23 we're making some improvements to managed funds.  

What's changed

  • No minimum contribution amounts - top up $1 to $100 or more, it's entirely up to you
  • New accounts only require a $100 initial investment

What it means for you 

If you're not already contributing regularly to Managed Funds, now’s a great time to get in the habit. With regular contributions you can chip away at your savings goals. Think of it like watering a plant - it takes time to reap the rewards but the end result is worth it.

Setting up a regular contribution is also easy. You can:

  • Log into your Managed Fund's account via the Kiwi Wealth portal and select 'Direct Debit'; or 
  • Set up a bill payment from your own internet banking (you can find payment details through the 'Invest' button within the Kiwi Wealth portal)

And remember – you can stop your contributions or withdraw your investment at any time with no penalties.

If you have any questions about Managed Funds, get in touch with our team - we're always happy to help. You can talk to us live via secure chat through the Kiwi Wealth portal, email questions@kiwiwealth.co.nz or call us on 0800 427 384.

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