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Christmas presents for the younger generation

December 3, 2019


Written by Contributor

Christmas gifts kids will learn to love

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How to give a gift that lasts: gift an investment

A robot that codes, a unicorn that changes colour, a cuddly tiger that roars back at you – all toys tipped to be on the list of top Christmas presents for kids for 2019.

But there’s something missing that we think’s a great idea – and original: An investment - like a managed fund.

It’s a present with plenty of potential to excite and provide lasting memories.  It’s also an inventive way to help the kids in your life get smart about money and learn the basics of investing.

Money given at Christmas disappears quickly and the latest Lego is soon forgotten, but an investment earmarked for a child can grow into a life-changing nest egg. Get them involved. Let them dream up a name for their investment - something that inspires them. As you add to the fund take them along for the journey explaining why their investment goes up and sometimes, down. Talk to them about their hopes and dreams and how saving now can help them in the future.

Whether you’re shopping for your child, a godchild, grandchild, nephew, niece or the child of a close friend, an investment could make a real difference when it comes time to reaching their goals: finance an education, take a gap year or buy a house.


Why are managed funds such a great gift?

With a managed fund, you can open an account and top it up when you want. There’s also the ability to make withdrawals when you need to, unlike other investments, such as KiwiSaver or a term deposit, your investment isn't ‘locked-away’.   

That’s especially important when you’re investing on behalf of young people who might be 5, 10 or 20 years away from deciding what really matters to them in life.

The extra flexibility of a managed fund means you’ll be able to help out when it’s most needed, whether that’s to fund a daughter’s university degree, contribute towards a dream wedding or pay for a godson’s life-changing OE.


The easiest Christmas shopping you’ll ever do

Not everyone enjoys Christmas shopping. 

The good news is you can set up a Kiwi Wealth Managed Fund in a few easy steps – without setting foot in a mall or spending hours searching online. 


1 Pick a fund

Choose from a conservative, balanced or growth fund, depending on your goals, timeframe and preferred level of risk.

2 Invent a name for the fund

Or ask the young person you’re investing for to dream up a fun and motivating name. By getting them involved early, you may kick-start a long-term savings habit.

3 Decide how much to contribute
You can open a fund from just $500 and add rolling contributions of as little as $50.

4 Top it up

Contribute extra financial gifts for Christmas, birthdays, graduation and other special occasions – or you might like to make it a habit by setting up an automatic payment.

5 Hand it over!

Transfer your investment to the young person you’re investing for when they turn 18, so they can cash it in or keep saving towards their goals. Or keep the investment on in your name till the time is right to gift it to them. 

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