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GMK selected as default KiwiSaver provider

Gareth Morgan KiwiSaver Limited has this morning been awarded default provider status. Fro...

GMI reaches $2b milestone

Gareth Morgan Investments Limited Partnership (GMI), a New Zealand owned investment manage...

Spotlight on Kiwis’ financial literacy

27 June 2013

Gareth Morgan Investments retain directors

Under the terms of the purchase agreement with Kiwi Wealth Management Limited, the former ...

Gareth Morgan KiwiSaver Scheme wins again

The Gareth Morgan KiwiSaver Scheme (GMK) remains the People’s Choice scheme. For the secon...

Introducing Kiwi Wealth

You may have noticed the words “Kiwi Wealth” appearing on the website for the Gareth Morga...

Kiwibank Group to Purchase Gareth Morgan Investmen...

18 January 2012

Business as Usual After Sale to Kiwibank

Last week’s announcement of the sale of Gareth Morgan Investments (GMI) to Kiwibank was bi...

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