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Kristen Lunman

Kristen Lunman

Kristen is General Manager of Hatch - a digital investment platform that gives New Zealanders access to the US share markets. Powered by Kiwi Wealth, Hatch provides easy, affordable, and reliable access into the largest, most liquid share markets in the world.

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Posts by Kristen Lunman

Kiwis embrace huge rise of self-directed investing

Hatch GM Kristen Lunman on how tech has transformed wealth building for Kiwis

Beyond beanbags and swiss balls, a look at NZ fint...

As innovation enthusiasts gather across New Zealand for Techweek, our Hatch GM reflects on...

Why Hatch has become such a hit

Kiwi Wealth's self-directed investing platform now has more than $10 million in investment...

3 key things Hatch has taught us about Kiwi invest...

Since September Kiwis have invested more than $2 million through Hatch

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