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A future fit for the kids

August 27, 2020

How to give your kids a helping hand in spite of life’s uncertainty.

Every generation has its challenges to face and overcome. Wars, the Great Depression, earthquakes, climate change, Covid-19. And every generation has great hopes for the next. As parents, grandparents, uncles and aunts we want a good life for our kids - but how? We can help by giving them a head start financially. Here’s three things worth saving for, for their future.

A great job

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It may be too early to know what your kids want to do in life, but one thing’s for sure – education helps. If they want to go down the university or training route, saving for fees and living costs now could make all the difference. Or a nest egg to help them into a trade or their own business might be just what they need.

A place to call home

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Owning your own home is a bit of a Kiwi dream. Reaching that goal doesn’t seem to be getting any easier. Whatever the challenges, it’s still a dream worth encouraging.

Doing what they love

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Whether their job is looking after the family or earning a living, there’s more to life than work. Having the money to do what they love in their spare time could make all the difference to their happiness and wellbeing.

Something else?

Feel free to create your own reason.

We’ve given three good reasons to invest in your kids' future. What’s your pick?

No matter what hopes you have for them – they’ll need some money to get there. We think investing with our Managed Funds is a great way to start as long-term, managed funds usually generate greater returns than term deposits.

Learn more about Kiwi Wealth’s Managed Funds.

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